Riding A Unicorn Season 2 Release Date: Let’s Consider The Chances

Have you ever had a midlife crisis where you have failed a bit in your work and hoped for success desperately? Well, it might happen and it’s possible to gain success if you have a revolutionary idea. Riding A Unicorn shows us a similar situation going on in someone’s life.

The woman in this plot specialises in a company that mainly deals with educational content. But somehow she starts to face some lows in her venture, but that’s not the only difficulty she is facing in her life. Although the show came out an year ago, people are still curious about what happens next. Many of them are really wondering about a new season and the possible release date of Riding A Unicorn Season 2.

Riding A Unicorn Season 2 Release Date: Cancelled Or Renewed?

Although it might seem to be lucrative, but young people can go through the most horrendous amount of changes in their lives. Be it running your own career or trying to find that dream job, nothing is easy at all, trust me. You might have faced all these in your lives and even if you haven’t, Netflix has brought a series which showcases all these incidents. Riding A Unicorn addresses the story of the successes and failures of an young adult who decides to make a living independently. If you have watched this series already, then you will be able to relate to this article.

The best part about the series is probably the constant tussle between maintaining your professional life and your personal life. This is usually something that’s necessary to do but it is pretty hard. Especially when the two spheres get mixed together, somehow it starts to be troublesome. Riding A Unicorn does not only show the downsides of owning a start-up business company, it shows the dangers of being a successful young adult. Apart from that, the series shows us some positive elements like romance and trust. You will be able to see a love triangle in the later part, too.

When this japanese series first came out with it’s trailer, people was not that interested. But as Netflix kept on with it and more episodes started to come out after it’s release, people started to gain interest in the series. They have loved the characters of this story and a lot of them are wishing for them to return for one more time. So, what is Riding A Unicorn Season 2 release date? Did the studio renew this series? Unfortunately, Netflix has not being vocal about the sequel. There is not a single official update about Riding A Unicorn Season 2 release date. Since the first season came out in 2022, we are keeping less hopes.

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Riding A Unicorn: Ups And Downs In The Life Of A CEO

Unless you have not watched a single episode of this show, you will be able to understand the meaning of the caption above. But if you have not yet watched it, please do not overthink about it. In this article, we have exclusively talked about the plot Riding A Unicorn in this section. If you get intigued or interested after reading our take on it, consider giving it a watch. Riding A Unicorn mainly revolves around the life of Sana Narukawa. When she was just 23 years old, Sana Narukawa was far ahead from all the young adults around her. 

She founded a new start-up called ‘Dream Pony’ and scaled that to a certain extent. Dream Pony is basically a platform that deals with educational applications. Sana Narukawa founded the company with one dream in her mind – Dream Pony will one day become an unicorn company. Now you can understand where the title of this Netflix series comes from. Sana aims to deliver this goal within just ten years. Dream Pony must be available for business to everyone around this world, not only Japan. She along with her co founder Kou Suzaki makes huge efforts for the next couple of months and increases the company’s reaches.

But soon, Sana grows frustrated with Dream Pony – the company is not growing at the rate at which Sana hoped it to be. It is not as if the company did not take off, but still, CEO Sana lost faith. Her co founder wants to be there for her and Kou motivates Sana. He is secretly developing feelings for her and Kou decided to express it. Unfortunately, within few weeks, Satoshi Kotori comes and joins Dream Pony. Satoshi is a middle aged salaryman who came to help Sana out. As a result, the two started to plan out their ventures and grew close. On the other hand, Kou could not express himself at this point.

The Team Of Crew Behind This And Official Watching Platform

Mei Nagano leads the series as the woman umder spotlight and CEO of Dream Pony, Sana Narukawa. Other notable cast members in this series are Yosuke Sugino, Ryota Bando, Jingi Irie, Ruka Takeyama, Hidetoshi Nishijima, Thelma Aoyama, Ren Ishikawa, Raiku, Ryoko Hirosue, Takashi Matsuo, Karoru Okunuki, Ko Maehara, Kenshiro Iwai, Yoshiyuki Yamaguchi and Kyoko Kataoka. This japanese drama debuted on 2022 and all the 10 episodes are available to watch online. As long as there is no official news about Riding A Unicorn Season 2 release date, you can rewatch the first season. If you want to watch Riding A Unicorn, please go to Netflix.

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