The Tutorial Is Too Hard Chapter 140 Release Date Staggers Fanatics!

In “The Tutorial Is Too Hard,” Lee Ho Jae is thrust into a difficult predicament where he must not only face the enigmatic manipulator but also save the sanity of the people who live on the possessed island. Action, mystery, and tenacity will all be combined in the next chapter as Lee Ho Jae works to keep himself and the islanders safe. Get ready for an exciting, highly charged chapter that will have you gripping the book from beginning to end. The Tutorial Is Too Hard Chapter 140 Release Date has been disclosed under. Keep on reading to know more!

The Tutorial Is Too Hard Chapter 140 Release Date

The Tutorial Is Too Hard Chapter 140 Release Date has yet not been confirmed by the makers. A manga called The Tutorial Is Too Hard chronicles the life of Lee Ho Jae. Lee Ho Jae has made poor choices on numerous occasions. And now Lee Ho Jae is suffering as a result of all those poor choices. When Lee Ho Jae reincarnates someday, she finds herself in a world with a setup a lot like a game. Of course, this is a different game. The players are only granted one life, not several. Furthermore, the player cannot go back to the real world if they die in the game.

The option to select the level they want to play is provided to the players at the beginning. As is well known, Lee Ho Jae selects the hardest level for no apparent reason. Nearly all players die in this level, known as the Hell Level. Lee Ho Jae is stuck since he is unable to move on to another level or escape at this time. At this level, he will need to both survive and flourish. Recall that surviving is not the only requirement; in order to return to reality, he must pass the level.

The Tutorial Is Too Hard 139: Recap

As we saw earlier, Lee Ho Jae chooses to end everything and issues an apology to everyone in The Tutorial Is Too Hard Chapter 139. He expels all of his energy to the point where he thinks his head will burst by taking advantage of everyone else’s pain, anguish, and terror.

Lee Ho Jae sees that those opposed to him are using magic, despite his initial use of all his strength. He is perplexed because, from what he understood, they are all regular folks. At that point, Lee Ho Jae understands that by using magic, people are giving up their life force.

What caused it to take this turn? None of these individuals have done anything wrong; they are all good people. How come this island paradise is on fire? Lee Ho Jae is unable to watch this utopia vanish and disappear. It is at this point that Lee Ho Jae starts to scream and tries to wake up everyone.

The soul’s cries suddenly start to reach Lee Ho Jae. The trade of souls had started. With his eyesight impaired by the fire, Lee Ho Jae soon recognises a suspicious-looking man and realises in a matter of seconds that he is the one responsible.

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The Tutorial Is Too Hard Chapter 140: Expectations!

Both mentally and physically, Lee Ho Jae is going to have a very difficult time in The Tutorial Is Too Hard Chapter 139. It’s easy to figure out what caused all of this now that we know. Before the suspicious man causes more trouble, Lee Ho Jae needs to track him down and kill him.

Along with treating the populace, the island will also need to be revitalised. Lee Ho Jae has to find a way to help everyone regain their composure before anything else can happen, or else he will injure them all with his own hands.

Where To Read?

Read the uncut version of Chapter 140 of The Tutorial Is Too Hard on the Kakao Page. It is imperative to acknowledge that the manga’s chapters are not freely accessible and can only be accessed with an official subscription. Make sure the required subscription is in place in order to guarantee you have the most recent updates.

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