Home Town Season 7 Release Date. New Season Hitting Soon!

Having a dream house, not only is a dream for every human on earth but God’s choicest blessing, he is showering upon all of us. To fulfill everyone’s dream of having their desired houses two citizens of the United States have been working hard since the year 2016. They have been working to build houses for people across the streets of Mississippi as per their dreams and demands. After working for years when they were featured in newspapers and magazines, many TV channels contacted them.

After being popular for their good deed, the TV channels decided to air their works as shows with multiple episodes, record them, and air them on TV to let other people know about them. this not only helped the people but also the good people to come up and help them and support them. But who are these two gentle people? And where does their show air on? The show is Home Town which airs on HGTV. But to know who these are the people you have to read the article till the end. 

The show has been going on from the year 2016 and it has already gained much love and support from people. Also, the audiences have been habituated to seeing them do good for the people of their town and they enjoy watching their workshops, fans now want to get back their seventh season of the show. So is the show returning back? If yes then when? All of this is discussed further. Check!

Home Town Season 7 Release Date

After working for years HGTV reached out to these gentle humans working for the society. they asked them to record and show it on television, to let other people know of their work. Thus their show “Home Town” was aired on HGTV on 24th January, 206 for the very first season. After it was renewed for the next season till the sixth one.

After the termination of the sixth season last year in 2022, fans wonder why it hasn’t returned yet for its next seventh season. They have been waiting for a long time to hear something good news. Recently it has been confirmed in a newspaper, that the makers of the show, the hosts, and of course, HGTv have confirmed the show’s return. Thus its seventh season is returning on 7th January 2024. 

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Who Are The Hosts Of The Show?

The show Home Town stars the Canadian couple Ben Napier and Erin. the two have been working for the people of their hometown, Laurel Mississippi, after their marriage. They two were Junior college friends. And feel in love with each other. Later, in the year 2008, the two got married and joined the University of Mississippi. After their marriage, the two decided to do this work for their townspeople and build their dream houses.

Ben and Erin were blessed with two daughters in 2018, and 2021 respectively. Helen and Mae are Erin and Ben’s daughters. The two have been working for many years for the welfare of their people and working hard to make them houses as per their needs and as they must have dreamt of. The show is more loved and has the support of almost every person watching it, though they aren’t from their town.

What Is The Show All About?

After getting themselves known to the world through various magazines and especially after getting featured in the well-known magazine, Sothern Weddings, the couple continued their work, with the same humble nature and attitude. After a few months, the couple was reached by one of the most-watched TV channels HGTV. Not only this but many of their spin-offs were telecasted on the known Discovery channel as well. 

As said, the show only has its hosts Erin and Be who travel to the town of Mississippi and build houses for the people living there. Their show has been the most supported and highest-rated show for all its seasons till now. And this is why the show has been the most demanded one for the return of its sequel. The show apart from its sequels has got many spin-offs with the title Home Town Takeover, and Home Town” Ben’s Workshop. 

Where Is The Show Available 

All of the seasons of Home Town along with its spin-offs are available on HGTV.

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