Return Of The SSS-Class Ranker Chapter 84 Release Date Staggers Readers!

Attention Readers! Return Of The SSS-Class Ranker Chapter 84 Release Date has finally been disclosed by the makers. The manga has adopted an extremely entertaining storyline. It keeps the readers engrossed. The continuous rush of adrenaline can surely be ex[ected with each turning page. Well, the question lies here Can Rokan defeat the powers of evil unleashed to seize his prize, with victory so close at hand? Or will the Lich’s burial be the dark recesses of his lair? The outcome of the next terrifying chapter of the drama is uncertain. However, the detailed study of the chapter will make things crystal clear for you.

Return Of The SSS-Class Ranker Chapter 84 Release Date

Rokan, an arrogant warrior, thought that assaulting the Lich’s lair would lead to easy riches, but he quickly discovered that survival was a difficult fight for him. When a lone mortal broke into his underground lair in search of loot, the old undead sorcerer was taken aback. For this reason, fans of the series are incredibly eager for Return of the SSS-Class Ranker Chapter 84 to be released.

Rokan was first defeated by the Lich, but the unflappable opponent soon showed that the Lich’s evil sorcery could not defeat him. Fearful for his valuables, the terrified Lich called upon all his necromantic might and sent legions of demonic servants to fight the relentless Rokan. He engages in a fierce struggle for his life against the furious Lich and an unending stream of hideous henchmen. Fans shall be thrilled to know that the Return Of The SSS-Class Ranker Chapter 84 Release Date has been disclosed. Mark your calendars as it’s the 11th of November, 2023.

Return Of The SSS-Class Ranker Chapter 84: Spoilers!

Raising his own skill level and fighting relentlessly, Rokan was determined to change the course of events. However, the conceited Lich just laughed at his perseverance, certain that he would eventually triumph.

Rokan pulled out a last-dare deed of daring, killing Heydey Cylonian, the Lich’s evil minions, with a combination of skill, tenacity, and will. Once the big mob was defeated, the only person left was the smug Lich. Ready to finally vanquish the Lich and put an end to his long reign of terror, Rokan tightened his grip on his trusty axe and braced himself for the last assault. It was going to be the final, definitive battle.

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Return Of The SSS-Class Ranker Chapter 83: Recapitulation

The legendary battle between Rokan and the Lich continued, with neither fighter prepared to give up. Rokan’s initial overconfidence had subsided, but his unrelenting onslaught demonstrated his unwavering resolve. This stubborn mortal who was still breaking into his inner sanctuary without consequence enraged the angry Lich. He poured out a barrage of hateful threats and insults, threatening to end Rokan’s life in ways that could not even be imagined. Nevertheless, Rokan ignored the criticism and continued to concentrate on winning.

Rokan finally saw through the never-ending glittering lights decorating the lair, revealing Lich’s hidden weakness: the phylactery carrying his enemy’s immortal soul. If you destroy the vessel, the Lich will vanish.

Rokan was prepared to destroy all remaining light in order to reveal the phylactery. The terrified Lich screamed in defiance, not believing that this new human could bring an end to his long reign. However, Rokan persisted, desperate to finally overthrow the zombie dictator. Holding his axe tightly, the battle-tested ally that had defeated many opponents, Rokan prepared himself for the decisive battle. Out of all the fighters, only one would survive this dramatic encounter. With the intention of vanquishing the Lich and putting an end to his terrifying reign, Rokan sent out his challenge.

Rokan’s crafty opponent executed a smart ruse just as he was about to find the phylactery, which held the secret to Lich’s immortality. The phylactery’s power was absorbed by the Lich, who became even more powerful and derided Rokan’s attempts as pointless.

Rokan attacked the freshly enhanced Lich with unrelenting vigour, unfazed. However, it now appeared that no amount of axe strikes could defeat the more confident zombie warlock. While the phylactery increased his necromantic prowess, the Lich gloated at Rokan’s certain defeat.

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