Give Me the Pacifier Chapter 76: Release Date, Recap & Spoilers

The world of magic is absolutely full of tricks. And magicians are the greatest tricksters out there in this world. What if a sorcerer gets tricked and betrayed? Give Me the Pacifier tells us such an interesting story.

The plot revolves around a magician who gets tricked by a disciple. However, this becomes fatal and ultimately it becomes a life ending situation. This manga has managed to tick all the boxes of any successful productions out there. In this article here, we will be talking about Give Me the Pacifier Chapter 76 and it’s release date.

Give Me the Pacifier Chapter 76: Release Date Of The Upcoming Chapter

Jaeunhyang has taken the idea of reincarnation and modified it into a very fresh approach. Give Me the Pacifier falls under the reincarnation genre of mangas. However, there are a few other elements which makes this manga way ahead than the other mangas falling under the same category. Ideas like vengeance, mystic arts, dark mentality reflect throughout the whole storyline. Apart from the basic theme, these parts have defined Give Me the Pacifier in a very well manner. Now that the manga has crossed 75 chapters, there can be a hundred easily.

Our main character is a magician but her life does not end well. Her own people breaks her trust and she loses her life. However, due to some magical reason, she gains another chance to be born. In this new life, she will try to investigate further and take revenge. This has become a good treat for any manga reader out there. People have liked how far the story has progressed so far. According to me, the basic idea of scamming a magician or tricking a trickster is great. Many of the otaku forums have praised this storyline.

There are a lot of people who are interested about Give Me the Pacifier. You might be one of them who want to know about an upcoming chapter. So, what is Give Me the Pacifier Chapter 76 release date? Is there any chance that the upcoming chapter might be delayed? As of now, there is very less chance for it to get a delayed release. Give Me the Pacifier Chapter 76 release date is 5th November 2023. You will be able to read this on Sunday. In all regions like Japan, Korea, India, Indonesia, Singapore, Australia, Give Me the Pacifier Chapter 76 release date will be same.

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Give Me the Pacifier: A Magical Tale Of Reincarnation And Revenge

Our manga revolves around the life of Hela Sylopia. Hela is a well known magician in her world. She is shrewd, smart and her tactical abilities are best in class. Hela Sylopia can be called one of the best sorcerers out there because of her skill and prowess. There was not a day that she lost her ground against any other magician. But one day, Hela Sylopia had to battle it out against one of her disciples. Her student betrayed her and Hela faced death. Although she faced an unfortunate ending, soon she was reincarnated as Duke of Heiron’s granddaughter.

But Hela is an infant, she has no ability to speak or have strength in her body. She has a magical pacifier with her who will help her at times. The only asset she has with her is her sorcerer skills as well as memories of previous life. Hela Sylopia must find out the real reason behind the betrayal she faced. Everything is in shambles right now, because the Duke of Heiron is at war against Cillopia. Even if Hela manages to find out the disciple who killed her in her past life, she must gather her strength to speak. 

The main problem lies in the present situation that Hela Sylopia is in. But all hail her magical and precious “Pacifier” – due to his presence, Hela can act accordingly. The pacifier’s magical abilities allow Hela to speak like she did in her past life. She can even act like any normal adult person despite being an infant in real life. Hela soon finds a strange laboratory where she had to stay for some days. As time kept passing, she started to long for revenge more and more. 

What We Can See In Chapter 76 And Official Reading Platform Of The Manga

In the next chapter, we will get some light about the palace’s magical presence. The Pacifier Hela uses is made of gold and she gets real help. Although Hela and Sherina both qualify in the last chapter, we will see who remains in the end. Unless Give Me the Pacifier Chapter 76 release date is finally here for us, it is hard to comment in any potential spoiler. If you want to read the manga, please go to Tapas Webtoon.

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