Serena Chapter 60: Creators Confirms The Release Date!

Historical romance novels have a particular charm because of their lovely royal locations, endearing characters, and captivating attire. Today, we’ll discuss the well-known manhwa Serena, which is a love narrative that takes place in the past.

For those of you who have been following along, you may be wondering when this beautiful manhwa will start up again. You’re at the right place. We’ll go over the Serena Chapter 60 release date, story, characters, and spoilers below. So, let’s get started!

Serena Chapter 60: Release Date

Everybody’s favourite Serena is all set to mark its comeback for the next season! In case you are wondering when is the big day, we have the answer for you sorted here. The next chapter of Serena that is Chapter 60 is all set to release on the 2nd of November, 2023. 

Fans have been wondering and waiting eagerly for the release. So, the creators are finally here with the coming chapter of the same!

Serena Chapter 59: Recap

The fact that Dia was formerly in a relationship with Eiser. She is currently Serena’s husband fuels the obvious hostility between Serena and Dia.

Even though Serena and Eiser get married mostly for political reasons, throughout the first few chapters, Serena harbours a deep-seated animosity against Eiser. But as the narrative goes on, Eiser’s earnestness wins Serena over, and her mistrust starts to fade.

Their connection is more complicated than just miscommunication; it seems like a well-planned plot. Serena’s grandmother begged Eiser to wed her and help run Serenity, but Serena wasn’t convinced. The events that are taking place will be clarified in the next Serena Chapter 59, which will have readers on the edge of their seats and eager to find out what lies ahead for these complicated people.

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Serena Chapter 58: Recap

In the previous chapter of Serena, our main character is depressed after seeing Eiser grab Dia’s hand and they both run away. Even though she had lately come to loathe Eiser, she feels conflicted and anxious when she sees them together.

Considering their bad past together, it is very astounding. Serena didn’t trust Eiser at all and didn’t like him at all. Eiser repeatedly treated Serena with contempt and denigrated her without any justification.

In addition, Serena admits that she has decided to give Eiser some credit and progressively increase her level of confidence in him. Even Serena, who is sometimes rather resistant, is continually persuaded by Eiser’s continuous display of his ability. But other than knowing that Eiser and Dia were formerly intimately linked, Serena is unaware of the historical circumstances involving them.

Further Information

She doesn’t know that Dia cheated on Eiser in favour of his elder brother Victor and is also unaware of the full drama surrounding the fake pregnancy. She thinks Eiser still feels something for her, but the rest of us don’t agree. Eiser is probably furious at Dia and going through a lot of emotional suffering. She is now clinging to him fiercely, which just makes him angrier.

Eiser’s brother and he were never close, to begin with, and things have only become worse after Dia’s betrayal. Before turning away from Dia, Eiser expresses how much he hates her. Meanwhile, Serena comes upon a picture of a dancer she used to love as a youngster. When Dia appears, she chooses to confront her with her suspicion that it is a fake.

However, Dia deftly manipulates the circumstances, persuading Serena that the picture she owns is real and that she was duped by an experienced con artist.

Where To Read?

Located on the Naver app and website, Serena is a Naver Webtoon. You must download Selena if you want to read the newest chapter as soon as possible.

Unfortunately, Serena does not currently have an English translation accessible. On a few unauthorised websites, nevertheless, you may get fan translations of Selena.

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