There’s A Rat In Our House Chapter 8: Release Date & Spoilers

They say love comes in the most unexpected times in the most unexpected ways. But when it comes to danger, I think it transforms into a heartwarming kind of love. There’s A Rat In Our House shows us such an example.

The two main characters of this manhwa come close during a crisis. Gradually, their seperate destinies start to tie up with one another and the duo builds a good relationship. This is a brand new release and the readers are already loving it a lot. Many of them are cherishing this romance and they are curious – what can be the probable release date of There’s A Rat In Our House Chapter 8?

There’s A Rat In Our House Chapter 8: Release Date Is Near

Our moments of crisis define who we are. And most importantly, it acts as a filter to show who really wants to be there for us. You might have heard about snowstorms. They are so powerful that they can even take people away with them. The blizzards are so dangerous that people can even lose their lives if they come in their path. In this manhwa, you will get to see some apocalyptic events like blizzards or storms. The plot centers around two people mainly. Although the main theme of There’s A Rat In Our House is romance, there are some other elements too.

We get to see one of the most beautiful types of love stories to exist out there. See, here’s the thing – manhwas and Kdramas always take things up a notch when it comes to romance. It just increases our expectation levels when it comes to relationships. There’s A Rat In Our House might seem like just another story in the romance manhwa genre. If you have started to read it, you already know how heartwarming the whole storyline is. And to our surprise, a huge number of the otakus have started to shower their appreciation on There’s A Rat In Our House.

After a couple of days, this manhwa gas started to make headlines on different otaku forums. People are actually talking about this manhwa and they are expecting that an upcoming chapter will be coming up soon. So, what is There’s A Rat In Our House Chapter 8 release date? You might think that the chapter might get delayed. There’s A Rat In Our House Chapter 8 release date is 30th October 2023. You will be able to get it on Monday. The releasing schedule will remain the same for Japan, Korea, Australia, Phillipines, and Europe. There’s A Rat In Our House Chapter 8 will be out on 30th October.

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There’s A Rat In Our House: A Wholesome Love Story

Our manhwa starts with a classic level of storytelling where the male and female leads are destined to meet. A series of crises and natural apocalyptic events are seen to happen. However, this marks the beginning of a beautiful romantic relationship. There’s A Rat In Our House revolves around the lives of two people. Ji Hya and Tiya are the male and female leads of this manhwa. Before meeting the male character, she was a troubled soul. She was leading a very lonely, secluded, and monotonous life.

Then came the season of hazardous snowstorms – every road, and every alleyway was filled with layers of white snow. This helped in growing up a deep bond between Ji Hya and Tiya. The duo meet each other and after starting to live together during the natural calamity, they start to work together. The male lead of There’s A Rat In Our House has bonded with our female lead so nicely that the readers cannot get enough of them. Starting from a snowstorm to a sudden load-shedding, they continue overcoming difficulties together.

Although the male lead tries his best to stay collected and calm, the female lead helps him overcome his shy nature. In Chapter 7, we see that she is expressing herself a lot more. She tells the male lead that she is getting hungry. But none of them will be able to step foot outside unless the snowstorm ends. But the problem was food – she did not have much left in her place. The male lead was helpless in the streets. If she did not help him, he would have lost his life. As a result of gratitude, he offered to clean the dishes.

What We Can Get From Chapter 8 And Official Reading Platform Of The Manhwa 

Since the last chapter ended with a positive indication, we will get to see a lot from this duo. In Chapter 8, we will probably see them trying to eat Ramen. Since the snowstorm will not stop before evening, Ji Hya and Tiya must survive on the food they have left in the house. The male lead is slowly opening up, the female lead is also making a few laughs. This is a great sign of a heartwarming romantic relationship developing between the two. Once There’s A Rat In Our House Chapter 8 is here, we will be able to see what happens. If you want to read the manhwa, please go to Ridibooks.

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