The Dark Mage’s Return To Enlistment Chapter 39 Is All Set To Release!

Readers will be fascinated to hear this grand news. Well, our favourite The Dark Mage’s Return to Enlistment Chapter 39 is all set to mark its return. The release date has been disclosed by the makers and has been highlighted in the below-mentioned article. Since its serialisation, the manhwa has gained a decent review and feedback. Fans have appreciated the work and the story is nonetheless extremely compelling. In case you are wondering about the release date and want to grasp the details of the manhwa, keep on reading!

The Dark Mage’s Return To Enlistment Chapter 39: Release Date

All of our waiting is finally going to be over! Yes, you read it right. The Dark Mage’s Return To Enlistment Chapter 39 is all set to release on the 2nd Of November, 2023. With the date being around the corner, it is of utmost importance to get a grasp on the manhwa. So, to make the journey easier and to keep you updated on the manhwa, we have brought you a shortened version covering all the relevant information on the same.

The Dark Mage’s Return To Enlistment is a fantasy novel which revolves around the genres of action, magic and drama. Fans have appreciated the work so far and we can expect the same response further as well. In case you have not yet read the manhwa, do give it a read to get a thorough understanding. A shortened summary of the same has been outlined below.

The Dark Mage’s Return To Enlistment Chapter 38: Recap

The last chapter of the manhwa, The Dark Mage’s Return To Enlistment has blown the minds off. Well, the storyline has been an engrossing force which captures the minds of the readers. A short summary of the last chapter has been dealt with below!

By being hilarious and focusing entirely on him, each of them has been attempting to attract his attention. The connection between Kim and the primary character, a lady with blue hair, is the most important aspect of the story—even if they don’t say it. The focal point of the love tale is these two individuals. The purpose of the other persons is only to add to the intrigue. The MC watches the girls drive off when the girls’ bus briefly pauses in order to assist his aide.

The little object was behaving cutely and requesting demonic energy from Kim. As a result, Kim became the focal point of the greedy little demon. Swiftly shifting the topic of conversation, the small imp informs Kim that the monster from another realm is on its way.

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The Dark Mage’s Return To Enlistment Chapter 37: Summary

In Chapter 38 of The Dark Mages Return to Enlistment, Kim finally communicates to the General’s daughter about how he saved her life by carrying her while she was injured on his back.

Kim may not be aware of any important information that she shares with him about what’s going on in the region. To his astonishment, Kim discovered that neither of the anticipated ambushes nor jailbreaks were taking place in the vicinity. As Kim carries the General’s daughter, she comes to appreciate him and the opportunity to obtain intelligence for his plans.

Where To Read?

The manga is published officially on Naver Webtoon. To view the manga, a membership will be needed to be purchased. It is strongly advised that you assist tiny writers by visiting their official websites rather than utilising this approach and reading other sources. The manga is still too young to be adapted into an anime, but as soon as enough chapters are published and the manga has a larger fan base, an anime based on the manga will undoubtedly be produced.

Although the plot seems to be moving pretty predictably, I’m hoping the author will surprise the audience with some unexpected turns in the next chapters. If not, the entire manga will be among the average ones that no one finds particularly enjoyable.

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