Return Of The Legendary Spear Knight Chapter 113 Release Date, Recap, spoilers & Everything Covered Here!

Return of the Legendary Spear Knight, is different from the other mangas, for a reason that the est other manga we must have read till now was full of either romance or drama or battles only. But this manga is different from the earlier ones as this holds two genres of the plot at one time. One side is where our protagonist is fighting bravely and coming up with all the hurdles to win the battle and acquire power.

On the other hand, the protagonist is going through ill mental health, for he is busily finding his own family. He is unaware of his biological father and mother and is again and again misguided by one of the characters of the manga. So here’s the question, Will the hero find his family? Will he also win the battle? Or any one of the two is sure to be lost by our hero? Well, to know this you must have to read this article. 

Here we are not only going to answer these questions, but also like earlier the recap to previous chapters and the spoiler to new ones. Along with this the release date for the manga’s new chapters is also mentioned further in the article. So let’s not waste time and move to the next part of the article and let you know more about it. 

Return Of The Legendary Spear Knight Chapter 113 Release Date 

With the release of chapter 112 last week fans have gone crazy seeing the random and continuous changes in the life of their hero. Once he had completed all the steps of finding his parents, and soon was going to know who they were, something would have happened and ruined everything in the end. To know more about the series and the hero’s position in his personal and professional life, they demand for chapter 113 release date. Well, chapter 113 for Return Of The Legendary Spear Knight is scheduled to be released on Monday, 30th October 2023 on their official page. What is the official page? To know this read the article by the end. 

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Recap Of Previous Chapters

Return Of The Legendary Spear Knight begins with our hero and protagonist of the story Joshua, planning to take part in a competition where he has to reach the tower that is magical tower which is the end of the game and there he will be finding lots and lots of magical power. The way to this tower is not easy of course. He has to overcome many hurdles and difficulties. The only way to overcome these problems is by his intelligence and by the help of his loyal friends.

While he is busy fighting the dangers to reach this magical tower. Joshua, our hero is fighting yet another battle all day long to find for his own biological parents. He has been sometimes told different sorties about his origin, which he is still not sure about. Well, in the last chapter 112, we saw, the Emperor talking about the duke to be Jshua’s father, who kidnapped the princess and brainwashed her as a peasant. Later the Duke helped Emperor Marcus to become the king of the throne, by expelling the princess family out of the city, completely removing their royalites and giving the throne to Emperor Marcus. But Duke had never thought that Marcus would steal his wife from him. Soon, Marcus and the Duke’s present wife got married, leaving him alone. Duke now decides to marry the peasant, Princess who is termed as Joshua’s mother as well, by the end of chapter 112. 

Spoilers To Chapter 113

At the end of chapter 112, we see Jaohsua getting to know about his mother, who is the Princess of Avalon, and a few years before she disappeared magically and Joshua feels she will be waiting for him to come and rescue her in the tower. Well, this relationship between Joshua and his mother is going to reveal many more secrets about Joshua’s past and help him make his future a happy and worthy place to live in. Well to know what is happening next you must remain connected to us. 

Where You Can Read It

Return Of The Legendary Spear Knight is available on their official page, Kakao page.

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