Dear First Love Chapter 46 Release Date: Spoiler & Recap

A romance that blooms gradually is always the best. Especially with someone who stands beside you during your hard times. Dear First Love sends us a warm romantic message that shares a similar storyline.

The spark starts when one of the main characters loses one of her loved family members. She gets a person on her side she never ever expected to get. The manhwa is actually heartwarming and as more chapters are coming up, readers are falling in love with the plot. A lot of them are now curious about the release date of Dear First Love Chapter 46.

Dear First Love Chapter 46 Release Date: Sooner Than Expected?

We often choose romantic movies or web series to experience warm love stories. And regardless to say, there are at least a hundred of them out there. But manhwas present us with the sweetest love stories or romantic arcs. If you have ever read a romantic manga or manhwa, you will know how beautiful the stories are. Well, sometimes, things get weird but usually, romantic manhwas are nice to read. Otakus loves how the creators come up with an attractive and fresh storyline every time. Dear First Love is one of those heartwarming manhwas out there.

Instead of solely depending on reincarnation or regression arcs, this manhwa presents us with a wholesome story of love. If we ever lose someone close to us, someone who is a family member, it is difficult to stay alright. In that moment, when someone does their best to help us, isn’t it normal to fall for them? If you have not read Dear First Love yet, please do not worry much. In this article, we will give a brief recap of the whole storyline. People who have read the manhwa have loved it. A lot of them are curious about a possible upcoming chapter.

So, what is Dear First Love Chapter 46 release date? Is the new chapter releasing soon? Yes, a new chapter is coming for the Otakus. Dear First Love Chapter 46 release date is 28th October 2023 in Korea. Fans will be able to access it on Saturday. This date will remain the same for other regions like Japan, Eastern Indonesia, and Australia. However, if you are from India, Singapore, Philippines, New York, Central or Eastern parts of Europe, it will be different. For them, Dear First Love Chapter 46 release date is Friday, 27th October, 2023.

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Dear First Love: A Unique And Heartwarming Romance

After reading the initial parts of our article, you must have understood the background of this manhwa. The plot starts with a tragic sequence that involves the death in the family. Jisoo has lost her grandmother and she is having a hard time coping with the grief. She was the one and only family member who remained. When all hopes seemed to be lost, Jisoo got Hajin. He was there for her and he let her stay at his home. Although Hajin kept her as a guest, he was concerned with Jisoo since she lost everyone at a young age.

But she was strong – Jisoo did not let anyone see what she was going through inside. Initially, Hajin thought that she was just another stalker. I mean who would not think this if they saw a stranger standing at the door? But Jisoo did not come with any bad intentions and soon, Hajin understood the situation. The duo started to be friends – they started to talk with each other gradually. Although Jisoo never showed her weaker side to anyone, Hajin never ever let her out of sight. Gradually, the duo started to fall for each other deeply.

In Chapter 45, we see how Hajin is trying to hold himself up. Jisoo has died and after her demise, Hajin has not even taken a break. He is trying to be busy and he is always keeping himself occupied with work. His parents are already worried about his health and happiness. They are Hajin’s parents and they want their son to lead a happy life again. But we were surprised when the creator introduced a new character. But the real twist comes when Chaeyu starts acting like Jisoo. Strangely, she even looks a lot like how Jisoo did.

What We Can See In Chapter 46 And Official Reading Platform Of The Manhwa 

In Chapter 46, we will see how Chaeyu is slowly coming into the storyline. Her behaviors, and her actions already feel identical to Jisoo. In the latest part, Chaeyu has entered Hajin’s place. She is surprised to find such a neat and clean apartment. Everything is so perfect yet there is some imperfection. After she finds out how sad Hajin really is, she decides to do household chores and groceries for him. To find out what happens next, we will have to wait till Dear First Love Chapter 46 release date arrives. If you want to read the manhwa, please visit the Kakao Page.

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