I Woke Up A Vampire Season 2 Release Date. When Will The Wait Be Over? Let’s Find Out!

The world is completely startled up and rolling down with this new amazing Canadian Netflix original release, which hit the screen of audiences lately on 17th October this year. the more amazing other than the series, plot, and cast is the fan base this series has gained just in a few days. Yes, you heard that right, from top 10 shows to Top 5 shows, this series has occupied its place just in one or two days of its release.

What is this series which is ruling the hearts of its fans? I Woke Up a Vampire is this new Netflix release that is ruling the hearts of audiences all over the world. Very a long time, Netflix has been lagging behind in bringing to its fans some series like this. And now when finally it is released fans are super excited to watch it. Some who have already finished watching all eight episodes of the first season demand for the second.

Let us now see, when are we going to see our favorite show back? and everything about the show will be let you know here in the article today itself. All about its plot, cast, and director, will be said. So fasten your seatbelts to set on a journey of the unique plot series. 

I Woke Up A Vampire Season 2 Release Date. Is The Show Renewed?

After the release of this uniquely made show, I Woke Up a Vampire on Netflix on October 17, 2023, the show made its way to people’s hearts and is ruling the hearts of the audience very closely. But neither the makers nor the Netflix has made it clear about the show renewal. Then the fans need to wait a little for some confirmation.

Still, there has been much evidence from the end of the first season that it will return soon which will be exposed in the next panel of the article. As per the record, the show has gained must positive responses which will fulfill Netflix’s vision of renewing the shows, and will surely come back with its next season super soon, surely.

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What Is The Show All About

I Woke Up A Vampire, is a unique show as never has a show been released like this Canadian series. What if someday you will get to know about your reality, that you are a blend of a human and a vampire? Will it not bother you? And feel you overpowered knowing that you have plenty of powers to conquer this world? All of a sudden you will feel more powerful and be an enemy to everyone you hate. Isn’t it? 

The same is the condition of the series’ female protagonist, Caemie Henley, who is unaware of the fact why she was sent for adoption, and who are her biological parents. Moreover, she is always filled with anger on this topic of not being loved by her own parents. She has to struggle for her food, love, care, affection, and everything, and she feels if her parents had been there, she would have never faced such things. 

It was on her 13th bday when her life changed upside down. On her special day, she came to know a harsh truth about herself. She is not a complete human, but instead a mixture or a blend of being a portion of human and a vampire in one. Till the time she wasn’t known about it, she thought her school was hectic to survive in as a human. But when this was disclosed she was happy to take revenge from her enemies with all the powers she possessed being a vampire. 

the series continues with Dylan, Kev, and Carmie teaming up together to rescue Madison from the hold of the collector. who is busy searching for Carmie now. While Carmie is performing at a musical band in her school, she gets a call from the famous singer, who calls himself a blend of the human and vampire. Now that the show has come to an end, we see Carmie going to meet her biological mother. Shapeshifter is Carmie’s biological mother, but Carmie is still not sure about the reason for leaving her for adaptation. Well, this was the end marking a mystery to be solved in the next part of it. And as said, giving the evidence to the audience for its comeback soon. 

Where You Can Watch The Show?

I Woke Up A Vampire is streaming on Netflix from October 17, 2023.

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