Is Blood On The Tracks Manga Finished? Let’s Know The Truth Behind Its Completion!

Books, films, songs, quotes, and everything has now proved to us how strong a mother’s love is. Mothers are the creatures next to god, who give us birth, grow, and make us good human beings. But what if we say, sometimes the over-caring nature and overprotective nature of a mother affects the children’s life or even it can affect their mental state, looks quite strange and obviously it’s hurting to hear these things. 

Similar is the manga which debuted in the year 2017 and ran till 2023. this manag Blood on the Tracks is a Japanese novel, that ruled the hearts of everyone from the audiences of Japan to every other country because of its epic and unique storyline. the series revolves around a young boy and his overprotective mother, whose love and care have now become dangerous for her son. 

The series was a unique drama and thriller to read. The series released its chapters every week, but now for a few months no chapters have been released for days and now people fear that they will not be able to read further about the life of this mother and son. So to let them know more, we are back here to tell you everything about the series, will it return or not? its plot, characters, and everything. 

Is Blood on the Tracks Manga Finished?

Reading the novel for two long years and then not getting its new chapters back obviously feels like you are missing something from your daily routine. So the fans are constantly asking if this is the series going to return back or not. So in answer to that we might say, that they must not wait for its return anymore, as the publishers have already terminated the series after releasing its last chapter on 8th September 2023. 

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Storyline Of The Series

Blood on the Tracks is a unique manga that debuted on 24 February 2017 and terminated on 8th September 2023. The series revolves around a young boy, Seiichi Osabe who lives with his so-called overprotective mother, Seiko. Everyone outside the home family and friends feel Seiko is overprotective of her son. Nevertheless, the son doesn’t feel it anyways, and always feels loved, cared and protected around her mother.

But the incident just turned Seiichi’s mind upside down. Once when he along with his mother and other relatives were out for a hiking trip, Seiichi jokingly tried to push from the cliff by one of his cousins, Shigeru, and his mother’s help for Seiichi, made everyone laugh. Seiichi still didn’t know why they laughed at Seiko. On going further above when no one was seein’, Seiko pushed one of her nephews, Shigeru from the great height, and Seiichi was spellbound and terrified to look at his mother’s actions. 

After seeing her activity, Seiichi was confirmed that her behavior of being overprotective is dangerous for both Seiichi and Seiko, because it is a life and not always he can be there to fight people, but what his mother can do to an extent is even unknown to him. The series thus prolongs every other incident in Seiichi’s life and shows how his mother reacted to the things and took revenge on the people who hurt her son.

Characters Of The Series

The series had a very minimal list of characters summing up its whole series with four to five members in the lead roles. They include Seiichi Osabe the young boy who was in middle school and was scared of his mother’s overprotective behavior for him. Seiko Osabe is Seiichi’s mother, who pushed off Seiichi’s cousin in real for just joking with him. Shigeru Mitsuishi is Seiihci’s cousin who joked with him to push him off the hills, while Seiichi’s mother really made him fall.

The others in recurring roles include Yuiko Fukiishi, seiichi’s classmate and his love later, who lived with her drunkard father who tried to figure out Seiichi’s mother’s mind for the first time. Ichiro Osabe is Seiichi’s father who is a hard-working man, with calm and positive nature opposite to his wife, Seiko. After that incident, he tried to keep everyone together. 

Where Is The Series Available

The series, Blood on the Tracks is available on MangaDex and Manga Plus.

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