I’m Not That Kind of a Talent Chapter 55 Release Date: Will It Be Delayed?

People act weird when they are undergoing stress. But do we ever look at our heroes and find that they are stressed out? Usually in comic books and movies, we don’t find such an instance. However, I’m Not That Kind of a Talent tells us about a hero who vomits due to stress.

The manhwa revolves around the life of a hero who is weaker than we even expect him to be. However, his life is full of surprises and strange events. If you have already read the manhwa, you must have remembered the plot by now. A lot of manhwa readers like you are excited with this piece right here. They are curious about the probable release date of I’m Not That Kind of a Talent Chapter 55.

I’m Not That Kind of a Talent Chapter 55 Release Date: Everything We Know

If you have not read this manhwa yet, then I just have one thing to say. You are seriously missing out a lot – I’m Not That Kind of a Talent has one of the most innovative plots out there. Being strong or being weak depends entirely upon the situation. But when you know that you are weak but everyone considers you a hero, the situation starts to become harder as days pass. This manhwa has taken up a fresh story – instead of continuing with the ongoing trend of regression and rebirth, we have a fresh plot.

I’m Not That Kind of a Talent revolves around a hero who bleeds unnecessarily. And every chapter is based on his life. All the 54 chapters of this manhwa have not disappointed the otakus or readers in general. Instead, people have started to love the story. Hence, we have seen this manhwa getting extremely popular over the last couple of months. The creators have done a great job in the portrayal of such a unique character. Now, the otakus want to know more about the Manhwa. So, what is I’m Not That Kind of a Talent Chapter 55 release date?

Is there any chance that this upcoming chapter to get a delayed release? Before continuing any further, let me comment on this first. Since this is not a new manhwa anymore, Chapter 55 will not be delayed by the creators. I’m Not That Kind of a Talent Chapter 55 release date is 14th October 2023. The new chapter is coming on Saturday. No matter where you are reading this article, the aforementioned date will be the same schedule for you. Japan, Korea, Eastern and Central Europe, the United States, Singapore, and Philippines – I’m Not That Kind of a Talent Chapter 55 release date is 14th October.

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I’m Not That Kind of a Talent: Story Of The Weak Hero

Since you have already read about the premises of the story in the above parts of this article, I will not waste your time by repeating more about the backgrounds. I’m Not That Kind of a Talent revolves around the life of Dion Hart. He is a famous warrior who dominates. Due to his skills and tactics, most people around him consider him a hero of their society. Dion Hart once killed a hero – as a reward, the Demon Emperor upgraded his position in his kingdom as the army general of his mercenaries.

But this turned out to be a huge mistake – Dion Hart did not turn out to be the massively successful hero everyone wanted to see. He is one of those people who suffer from nosebleeds. Well, it’s common in case of injuries but Dion Hart experiences bleeding through his nose every time he gets stressed out. He is a weak man who cannot even engage in his work for long. If Dion starts to handle a tough situation, soon, he starts to cough up blood. Gradually, he loses his consciousness. But Dion Hart never gives up.

In Chapter 54, we get to see a fight sequence between Hyung and Dion. Everything was going well and normal until the duo came face-to-face. Dion just wanted to meet Hyung – but, the moment Hyung saw Dion Hart, he got triggered badly and attacked him. Hyung wanted to know why Dion was roaming there. On the other hand, the monster plant in the forest has started to grow at an exponential rate. It has become so powerful and strong that it even destroyed that skilled assassin. Since this was a much-needed move, the Prince loved it. But soon, he had a question in mind – Isn’t everyone in grave danger now?

What We Can Get From Chapter 55 And Official Reading Platform 

The upcoming chapter will take off from the previous situation. Everyone must try their best and destroy that monstrous plant. In Chapter 55, Dion Hart will most probably arrive on the scene. He is surprised after looking at the eyes of the killer plant. After a complete evaluation of the situation, Dion decides that he must kill the plant in order to save people.

But this situation is a complex and tough one – if it was this easy, others could’ve easily killed that plant. To know exactly what happens in the upcoming chapter, we must wait till I’m Not That Kind of a Talent Chapter 55 release date is finally here. If you want to read the manhwa, please visit the official Naver Website.

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