Is Big Vape: The Rise And Fall Of Juul Based On A True Story? Let’s Unveil The Truth Today!

Have you ever seen a company owned by the minds of freshers from college and earning name and fame within years but getting smashed back to the ground with great losses after a year of success? Yes, the series, releasing soon on Netflix is on the same, company which was started by two friends freshly passed out from the village. They gained success but then their high-flying airplane crashed into the grounds very soon, and all the success turned to bad luck loss. 

The docu-series we will be discussing today in the article is “Big Vape: The Rise and Fall of Juul”, which took away the hearts of all the people addicted to smoking. Why and how? That will be discussed later in the article/. But one thing is sure, as this article is going to thrill with the story behind Juul, even more exciting the series will make you once you watch the series. Now that we have built this docuseries, we won’t let you go barehanded after the article.

Yes, apart from the docu-series plot, and from where the story is taken and all about it, we will also cover the answer to the most asked question, is it a real-life incident? The answer will be given in the next panel of the article.. also by the end of this you will know the website to watch this amazing series.  

Is Big Vape: The Rise and Fall of Juul Based On A True Story?

Well, the new docuseries is taken from Jamie Ducharme’s book of the same name, who wrote and published the book during the Covid-19 pandemic, while she was free at home. But now the question is, is the book from a real-life story? or a fictional one? Everyone who has ever read the book or has watched the series, asks for the answer to it.

So here it is. the book by Jamie Ducharme and this new release docu-series are all based on a real-life incident that went so viral among the common people in the years 2017 and 2018, when the sudden rising company of smoking world, suddenly started declining. The customers decreased, and their profits of billions turned into losses for not even a part of their profit.

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History of Juul

The series is the real story of the company of an American company owned and started by two college graduates of Stanford University. They met at a stop while having their cigarettes in the year 2005 and decided to go for a brand to give the world a safer place in terms of environment and health safety. Their plan was to be executed in the near future by opening an e-cigarette company.

In the year 2017, both James Monsees and Adam Bowen executed their plans and opened a company Juul for e-cigarettes of different flavors which gave immense pleasure to youngsters they started advertising their brands in different magazines and social media, which targetted young people and school-going children to lure them to get there e-cigarettes. 

But in the year 2018, all the shares of Juul fell to negative and they were full of debt and loss. this happened when an excess number of children of a young age were addicted to drugs and smoking and when checked they found the e-cigarettes had a huge amount of drugs in them. due to which its sales were banned in parts of the US and also its share fell, causing them to lose. 

Premise Of The Series

The series is the coverage of all the events about the Juul company and its owner’s life. The documentary involves interviews with various employees of Mjuul, telling them how their company went from high rates to lower rates All of the above, owners are also interviewed for a while, to know how all this happened. And also all the real incidents were taken in the series itself.

The series as a whole, is comprised of a great roller coaster ride. which tells how the bad things can never remain covered up for a long time and the truth has to be unveiled one day soon or later. This is what the company’s loss has said to the entire world, about never choosing the wrong path.

Where Is It Available

The docuseries is streaming on Netflix from October 11, 2023. 

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