The Player Hides His Past Chapter 24 Release Date Stands Confirmed By The Makers!

Naver has always provided readers with quality manga series that are unique and interesting. These Korean manga series are much appreciated and loved by the readers. It is due to the interesting plotline and fantastic artwork that they are so famous. This series we will be talking about in the article has got very high ratings on every platform. Also, it has got positive reviews from both the readers and the critics. There are 24 chapters available on Naver to be read. Fans who have read all the chapters are now anxious to know what happens next in the story. They all are eagerly waiting to know about The Player Hides His Past Chapter 24 Release Date. If you are a fan and have the same query then read this article till the end.

The Player Hides His Past Chapter 24 Release Date

It has now been confirmed by the writers and publishers that this awaited chapter is going to be released very soon. Fans can now relax as they will read this anticipated chapter quite soon. This chapter is set to release on 11 October 2023. All chapters of this series are released on a weekly basis. Timings of the release vary according to the regions of the world.

All fans are thus advised to know the timing according to the region they live in as the chapter will be released in a raw format so fans who read these chapters in English have to wait for some more time. It will take time for the translation team to translate the chapter from the original language to English. However, readers who read it in Korean can wait till the 11th to get their hands on the awaited chapter.

Where To Read This Manga From?

This series is available on the Naver series and Naver Webtoon. All the chapters of the series are available on these platforms. Also, the new chapters will be added to these platforms only. These chapters of the series are available to read in the Korean language in raw format. There are tons of quality manga series available on these platforms. One of which is this beautiful Shonen Manhwa series. People who don’t know where to find the series can directly visit the websites of these two platforms.

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What Was The Story In Chapter 23?

In this chapter, Hwigang is seen running after witnessing Park Hyunjun killing his own fellow mates. Hwigang is a fan of Heyeol and starts the 23rd chapter. Readers came to know that the Supernova guild is massive and insane. There were rumors about these people killing others which now came to be true. Now it is known to the world as Hwigang spread it through his channel. When he was running, he met the Explorer Alliance and stopped there. This explorer alliance was a very good group and so were the people of the alliance. They were very nice and kind so they offered Hwigang a seat. Hwigang was seated to rest and tell the incident he witnessed.

Hwigang thought that one who was so dangerous and emotionless could not turn the explorer alliance against him. They may kill people in their own team for some mere amount of money but cannot turn the explorer alliance against them.

Further Story!

In the story ahead, readers can read about the Yusra Archipelago which is separated into ten islands. Each of these islands has some hidden treasures within themselves. And the methods of extracting these treasures are different as they all are different treasures.

One may have to solve some puzzles or fight and defeat some monsters to get the treasure. Till now there are many of the guilds and alliances who have got their treasure by some way. Now only one island is left in which nobody has tried to achieve the treasure. So many of the alliances and guilds have been stationed there in search of the treasure. Among these guilds and alliances, there are some major alliances like Sunshine and Shining. Shining already has two of the treasures on the island. Gaon guild have got their hands into one of the treasures.

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