10 Best Adult Anime On Prime Video 2023. Everything Released So Far Is Covered Here. Must Read!

In a world where the manga is approaching great heights and ruling the hearts of readers and audiences, all around the globe. On the other side, away from the original languages and official websites, many other OTT platforms like Netflix, Hulu, and Amazon Prime Video have been releasing the animes translated into English language for other audiences to enjoy as well.

Now on one side Netflix and other OTT platforms have been in first position for releasing new animes, every month, on the other side, we have Amazon Prime Vidoe, which has been in the back to release animes, but following the trend and putting itself first in the competition, Amazon Prime Vidoe is also releasing the animes, especially the ones fit for adults.

So here’s to the 10 must-watch anime for adults available on Amazon Prime Video. 

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Vinland Saga 

Vinland Saga is the most famous adult anime on prim video, which made its debut in the year 2019 and is ongoing till today. The male lead of the anime Young Thorfinn was born and grew up in the chaotic world, where his father was killed and he is on his journey to murder his father’s killers. Also on his way, he experiences many sexualities and nudity making this series fi to be watched only by the adults. Moreover, it is an exciting and thrilling anime series with many twists. 


This is one of the best science fiction anime till now. This made its debut in Prime Video in the year 2019 and is going on till today. Along with science and time traveling, before committing a crime, the criminal is arrested. This is all done by a system that is way more corrupted than the people in the world. But along with it, the series is a package of sexual and nude scenes, which makes it fair for adults only. This anime is one of the best and most unique animes till now, as it makes the fans travel to the future and in a science fiction zone.

Land of the Lustrous 

The anime made its debut in the year 2017, but due to criticism, it ended in the same year. the anime was criticized for its harsh gender revelation and also sexual inequality was the base of the series. this was wholely liked by adults of some parts, while criticized by the adults of other parts. As a whole, it is a must-watch for adults who love watching Ecchi anumes. 

My girlfriend is Shobitch 

My Girlfriend is Shobitch is a uniquely different plot anime released in the year 2017, It is full of dirty jokes, where the college students unexpectedly start dating each other. the male lead Haruka is fascinated to see his cr Akiho, and now by chance, he proposes to her and dates her. Now, as Ako has never been in a love relationship, she learns about sex positions and other cuddling ways to make her boyfriend feel good and happy.

Re: Creators 

Re: Creators is a unique anime, whereas in other anime we see the people from the real world being transported to other fictional worlds. But here the male lead, Souta is transported from the fantasy world to the real world, and that too along with the female lead of the fantasy world, Sleesial. Now the things that go around them seem to be quite different to both of them. Now it’s high time that they both work together to solve this great mystery and also to let everybody know that this is the real world and strong things are happening that are unreal. 

Scum’s Wish 

Scum’s Wish is a unique anime, which is a couple who are really not in love with each other, but due to some circumstances be together and have gone famous for their love story. The couple here is Hanabi Yasuraoka and Mugi Awaya . Though they don’t share any sexuality in the anime still their semi-nude scenes and some love talks make this look alike a romantic anime for adults only. However, the two are planning to disclose to the entire world that they are not in love but are just fulfilling each other’s lure. 

Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure  

This is a unique manag where the lead family member Joestar has got exclusively strong powers in their heredity and also, they are so strong to kill any creature in front of them. Not only this but the series on one side is an action-oriented, thriller anime, and also it includes sexual relations, sexual scenes, and some semi-nude scenes as well. So this anime might give you the best part of both action crime and love relations as well. 

Kabaneri of the Iron Fortress 

This 2016 anime, is not a mere romantic manga series, else it is a fighting series, which involves some of the love relations among the fighters of the group. The series basically surrounds the people who are covered with steel and they eat the flesh of the common people. But the male lead of the anime, Ikoma prepares some weapons and formulas to kill these creatures and help the common man from not being killed. Ikoma along with his friends and the whole group has made some gun-like weapons to kill the creatures who are killing the common people in the town. 


Toradora is an anime that ran from the year 2008 to 2009 and is a unique plot anime, which includes two different personalities male and female lead, falling in love with each other slowly and helping each other build their personalities. Ryuuji Takasu and Minori Kushieda falling in love don’t share physical relationships but still are seen semi-naked which makes the anime to be watched only by adults. The series revolves around our male lead, Ryuji Takasu who has been tired of looking good in front of the people, and now he has a crush on our female lead, Minori Kushieda. 

Elfen Lied

The oldest anime on Prime Video is Elfen Lied, but it is the most watched and popular anime. This is known for its dark theme and extremely sexual scenes some people might love it, while others might criticize it for its extremely bold scenes. Though it was released in the year 2004 still when we are in 2023 it is watched by the fans on some ideas, because of its amazing storyline. 

The above 10 animes are some of the best animes till now. some of it is still going on today releasing its new parts in weeks, or months. On the other side the rest which have ended in the past years, are these anime that are streaming even today on Prime Video and other OTT platforms. The article in its above panel has very clearly stated the anime titles, along with their storyline, and releasing years. 

But here is a question wherr you watch all these adult animes stated above in the article? Don’t worry as we have covered even this part of the question in our article. See it in the next panel of the article.

Where You Can Watch The Anime

All 10 animes are available on Amazon Prime Video for the audience. Along with the new releases, some of the anime that have been released in recent years, are also presented here. Thus the audience can watch these adult anime series here

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