Boy’s Abyss Chapter 152 Release Date Staggers Readers!

Japanese Manga series have become very popular these days. They are loved by the reader’s community and have created a large fanbase. It is because of the plotline and also the fantastic artwork of the series. Not only one or two but every Japanese Manga series contains an interesting and different plotline. Writers of these manga series know how to engage the readers and what the people need. “Boy’s Abyss” is one of the best manga series that is available to read. Everyone is pondering on a similar question about the Boy’s Abyss Chapter 152 Release Date. Read this article to know about the release date, spoilers, expected plot, and cast details of the next chapter.

Boy’s Abyss Chapter 152 Release Date

Every chapter of the series gets released on a weekly basis. This chapter can be expected to be released by 8th October 2023. However, there could be a delay of not more than two days. It is from the writers and publishers that this chapter is going to be released on the 8th. Fans waiting anxiously could now get relaxed. Readers can finally know what happens next in the story. This was also a very asked question by the people. There will be differences in timings of the release worldwide due to the various time zone differences. Fans are advised to know the correct timing of their region to read the most anticipated chapter of the series. Also, this chapter will be released in the raw format. So people who read it in English have to wait for some more time.

What Happened In The Previous Chapter?

In this chapter, readers can witness the reunion of Nagi and Reiji behind the store. Both of them asked a similar question: why is the other one here? Replying to this, Nagi said that she felt like smoking so she came here. Reiji now remembers how they used to meet with each other. Nagi continues speaking and says that Esemori has read a letter someone sent her. Also, she tells the name of the person who wrote the letter to her. His name was Saki Tokiwa and in his letter, he has written everything that Reiji has witnessed these many years. Nagi asked Reiji to let her live with him for the night.

After this, Reiji takes Nagi to his house and the next scene of the book is Reiji’s house. Now, Bagi tells him that her phone was stolen by someone due to which she came to the town. Here she would tell the police about the incident and get some help to find her phone. Reiji asked her about the incident and the person who stole her phone. Nagi told Reiji that this stealing was done by her old teacher Shibasawa. On the day they both split, her teacher came to Nagi and told her not to be with Reiji. She strictly refused to meet or keep any contact with Reiji. While telling this, Reiji called her which was anticipated by her teacher. This was the time when she took her phone and didn’t give it back.

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Where To Find This Series For Reading?

This series has gained a lot of popularity and love after its release. People have given a lot of positive reviews and also the critics loved it. Those who don’t know where to find this series should visit Young Jump, Tonarinoyj, and Ynjn. These platforms contain all the chapters of the series. But these chapters are released in the raw format. They do not give the translated version to the readers. Those who want to read the series in English have to look somewhere else as no official translation is done for the series.

All new chapters will be released on these platforms only. People who want to read this chapter and don’t know where to find it should visit these platforms. These platforms have always catered for readers with the best manga series. Japanese series are most prominently found on these platforms. Every chapter gets added to these sites on a weekly basis. Chapter 152 will also be released on these sites only.

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