Ippon Again Season 2 Release Date: Is It Coming Back?

One of the most popular and attractive genres of mangas and animes is the Sports genre. There are a lot of well-established anime titles that belong to this category. Ippon Again is also one such anime – today, we will talk about the release date of Ippon Again Season 2.

The anime is based on the life of a judo player. The fighter has gained attention through her fighting abilities and skills. But one day, her life starts to get complicated in the worst possible ways you can think. Ippon Again gained huge popularity after the anime version was out. Now, a lot of people want to know about Ippon Again Season 2 release date. Let us take a look at its possibilities and the basic story of this anime.

Ippon Again Season 2 Release Date: Addressing The Possibilities

When a studio decides to release an anime, the most important thing for the creators to set their minds on is the plot. If there is not much strength in the story, if the characters have not much to improve in their arcs, it’s a big problem for the anime. Look at Blue Lock for example – this anime belongs to the sports category. But over all this time, the creators have managed to keep the enthusiastic viewers attracted for another glimpse. Considering all possibilities, the creators of Ippon Again have managed to garner huge attention as well as appreciation from the otaku communities.

The anime is about a judo artist’s sports career as well as life. But often, complications are not far ahead. As she thinks about changing herself, an event changes the course of her life forever. Otakus has loved the works of the production house and the studio. We have got one season till now – if you are aware of this anime, you already know that it was trending on social media after its release. Now, everyone is curious about a new season. So, what is Ippon Again Season 2 release date? Is the anime canceled or renewed?

When any anime gains success after its release, the creators always look out for every chance for another season. Let us talk about this anime now. Ippon Again Season 2 release date is yet to be announced officially. Bakken Records has not commented on its renewal or cancellation. The last season had a total of 13 episodes and as far as I know, all of them have managed to gain a huge viewership. In a nutshell, Ippon Again Season 1 was a success for the studio as well as the creators out there. That is why so many viewers and otakus are talking about the second installment this much.

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Storyline Of Ippon Again: A Tale Of Struggle, Passion, And Dedication

If you are a sports fanatic as well as an anime watcher or manga reader, you might have already watched Blue Lock. Or say, you already know about Horimiya. These two are the most successful sports animes out there right now. But have you ever imagined an anime belonging to the same category, but revolves around a sport that people don’t talk about that much? What about an anime that focuses on the world of Judo? Ippon Again has done this job in a splendid manner in the first season.

First of all, this is an anime adaptation of Ippon Again manga series by Muraoka. The story revolves around the life of a rising Judo player, Michi Sonoda. She is still studying at her school and has other plans apart from studies and sports. A day comes when Michi gets done living a normal monotonous life. Her middle school finals are approaching and after that, Michi is planning to leave the world of Judo behind. It has been years since she is showing off her prowess as a judo fighter.

Michi Sonoda and Sanae Takigawa are best friends. When Sanae Takigawa comes to know about this sudden decision, she is shocked. Michi Sonoda is a passionate judo player and it has carried her to great heights. But now, Michi wants to get a loving boyfriend. He wants pats from a charming boy instead of strikes from the judo mats. She sets her mind completely but one day, a talented player, Towa Hiruwa beats Michi in front of everyone. Michi wanted to retire but this refuelled her passion for judo. 

What You Can Expect In Ippon Again Season 2 And Official Watching Platform

Since Towa and her cousin are joining Michi’s school, in the next season, we might see excellent fight sequences between the two. Michi Soneda never faced such humiliation before – so when Towa defeated her in the sport she was so passionately into, Michi could not take it. In season 2, Michi Sonoda will probably take revenge on Towa Hiruwa through a Judo Contest. We will get to see other Judo players too. Hopefully, unlike the first season, we will see how the rules of the competitions work.

But in order to see what really happens, we must wait till Ippon Again Season 2 release date is finally here. Before that, let us not speculate anything any further. If you want to see Ippon Again Season 1 right now, please go to the Prime Video platform by clicking here.

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