Revelation Of Youth Chapter 47 Release Date, Recap, Spoilers & Many More!

A romantic manhwa is the center of attraction for all manga and manhwa readers from all parts of the globe. They have been loving the romantic and fantasy genre books a lot over the years. So today’s article is all dedicated to the romantic story just like the others. But this has a unique twist. The twist is going to bring both tension on your foreheads, and excitement in your faces. Want to know why? Let us tell you.

The Manhawa “Revelation of Youth” is a typical romantic love story, with a male and female lead falling in love with each other slowly. But usually, we see the friends of females getting happy and excited for the new love in the air. But here there’s something different. Here, the female’s friends are neither happy nor excited about her new love bond. this is because they feel, the male is a criminal and that he belongs to the most dangerous cult of the area.

As we head forward in the story we find that things are getting dangerous for our female lead, but no worries she has her loyal and supportive friends around her. The introduction may have excited you a bit. So before it dies let’s move on to the series and know more about it, along with its new chapter release date and spoilers to it as well. 

Revelation Of Youth Chapter 47 Release Date

This amazing manhwa romantic tale released its 46 chapters and has ruled the hearts of the readers since 2022. In demands of the fans, its new chapter 47 is scheduled to be released on Monday, October 2, 2023, on their official page, Naver.

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Plot Of Revelation of Youth

The series begins by showcasing a young girl from school who has been swindled by her own uncle in greed for money. This girl is our female lead, titled Chungah. As she was in a scam her parents decided to leave her home alone and move to find her uncle, because the amount of money for which she was swindled was not less. Due to this, she was all alone in this big house.

Chungah had no friends in the area, but in school, she shared a whole group but unfortunately found herself alone. There enters our male lead, Kim Yohan. He is seen taking care of Chungah and getting close to her. Not only this, but the way they talk to each other, and the way they see each other are all showing the signs of love between them. This is yet not sure to readers or Chungah’s friends. But you know they both have started feeling for each other.

Yes, yes chungah in the next few chapters will be seen confessing it to Yohan and so will Yohan do it. but Chungah being the victim of a scam was upset. But on the other side, Kim Yohan was the son of some famous cult in the area, who was even tricked by her uncle as he ran away. this makes Chungah’s friends nervous and scared. what will they do now? will Chungah leave Yihan? Or will she keep loving her?

Spoiler For Chapter 47

In the previous chapter 46, we saw Chungah’s friend trying to tell her that the boy she likes is the wrong man and she should leave him. But Chungah isn’t ready to leave him, so she asks Yohan to be in the distance in front of her friend group, which makes him feel awkward. Later, her friends were trying to know the relationship between them, the way they talked, and the way Yohan shared his lunch with her and helped her with throwing her garbage, showed how much he loved her.

But the question here is, How will her friends make her escape from the situation? Yeji, one of Chungah’s friends finds out the reality of Yohan and tells everyone that he belongs to the Millenium Adventist Church, the famous cult of their area, and has been scammed by Chungah’s uncle. This made her friends more scared, and now they had planned. 

Chungah’s friends planned to go to Yohan’s house, meet his family, and know more about him to bring his reality. Will they come to know something about him? Will they meet his family? And the man entering the room, Who is he? Yohan’s brother? or Chungah’s Uncle? Everything will be answered in the upcoming chapter.

Where Is It Available To Read

Fans can read Revelation of Youth on their official page Naver.

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