Kingdom Chapter 771: Release Date, Recap, Spoilers & Everything You Must Know!

Kingdom is a manga tale that tells the story of a young boy, who is now turned into a brave and elegant fighter choosing his own army to invade an area. The manga is an old manga running for a year-long, but the story is still unique, and the love for the manga is still continuing and refreshing. This holds a special place in the hearts of our readers for they have been following the m aga for the last many years, but still, they wait for its new chapters with much eagerness.

Today in this article we will be talking about the manga Kingdom, which has been running for very long years back, but has a unique plot, loved to be read by the readers. The series began with a masterpiece journey of Hi Shin our male lead, and now when he is growing from a normal boy to a brave and well-known fighter, the story is getting even more exciting to read. And this is why the series is still called to be a masterpiece.

Followed by all its sequences, new chapters for sure will be loved and read with great enthusiasm by their readers around the globe. so here we are again to disclose the release date of its new chapters and to let you know what will be shown in the new release of the series, along with a quick view t the previously released chapters. 

Kingdom Chapter 771 Release Date

The good news is waiting for all the manga fans in this article. What is the good news? Excited to know? Come let’s see. The series has ended you wait and is soon going to release chapter 771. But when and where? Continue reading you will know it.

Chapter 771 of the series, Kingdom is releasing next week, Wednesday, October 11, 2023, as scheduled on their official page, Young Jump. Yes, the wait is for long days, but your wait will be worth it, as the twist in the plot you needed is coming next in the new chapters. Wanna know a short of it? Read the next panel of the article

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Previously In Manga Kingdom

The manga begins with the life of a young boy abandoned y his family, but now he has turned into a known fighter for his bravery and strength. He has been seen choosing for his unit some soldiers who will fit his army and be fearless in times of war. And he came across three strong soldiers. Hi Shin and Ten, his friends are sitting together and choosing the best one who can come join their team. Out of which they saw one was a ten-commander soldier, Eit and the other was 50 commander soldier, Shitou. 

Eit was personally super excited to meet Shin, as he had heard about his bravery, and was happy to meet him too. but the others were not so happy and didn’t even care much. When everyone on the team and the readers thought that anyone from Ton Kaku, Kan To, and Shuu Gen would be chosen for the army, all of their doubts went wrong, and a shallow not so strong, but less skilled man was recruited by the team of Shin. Why this happened is still a mystery. But what is gonna happen next in chapter 771 can be known by moving ahead.

Spoiler For Kingdom Chapter 771

Well, in the last chapter, we saw, that Hi Shin’s unit is all made and team members are recruited and now they are well-trained and ready to fight against the army. In chapter 770, we saw the soldiers attacking Roumou to conquer the castle in one single day. The attackers were just twenty thousand in number, and Hi Shin’s unit was around thirty thousand in number, by which the winner is easily known. 

Though the Hi Shin’s unit has conquered Roumou, now it’s time for them to go for a fight against the northern army, and attack them from the front. Hi Shin army had many brave men included and the opposing party also had a huge number of soldiers with their vice chiefs in command. Now this will be an exciting thing to know who wins this battle. 

Where You Can Read It

Kingdom is available for readers on their official page Young Jump.

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