Is “Who Killed Jill Dando?” Based On A True Story? Fact Check! 

A brand new Netflix documentary, named “Who Killed Jill Dando?” has recently come on our gossip list. The series has become incredibly popular out there and we can’t wait to tell you more about it. Yet again, the world was reminded of the brutal murder mystery of Jill Dando. The British broadcasting legend was shot dead by a single bullet! Shockingly enough, the whole murder was executed in broad daylight. She was killed on her doorstep and yet the police failed to catch the culprit! 

This was by far one of the most eye-catching homicides of 1999. The investigation took the whole city by storm. Since the murder continued to be unsolved and tons of theories came up, this web series has truly managed to get everyone’s attention. It is indeed true that the whole documentary is based on a true story and here is everything you need to know about it.

Is “Who Killed Jill Dando?” Based On A True Story? Fact Check! 

Is "Who Killed Jill Dando?" Based On A True Story? Fact Check! 

As mentioned above, this intriguing Netflix documentary is word-to-word true. As narrated in the three-episode mini-series, Dando was shot at her doorstep. The bizarre incident happened in her house situated in Fulham, west London. Her body straightaway collapsed and after a mere gap of 14 minutes, the dead body was found by one of her neighbors. Looking at the seriousness of the situation, Dando was immediately rushed to a nearby hospital! Unfortunately, at 1 o’clock noon, she was pronounced dead. The same day, her colleague, Jennie Bond broadcasted this news to the whole world. 

Later, it was also revealed that she wasn’t stabbed to death, but killed by a deadly gunshot. Upon questioning by the cops, the next-door neighbor said that a man around the age of 40 was seen around her house. But it was never really confirmed whether this individual was the main killer or not. A deep investigation took place, and more than 2,500 people were called to the police station to be interviewed. The whole series digs deep into this saddening murder mystery of Dando and it was truly compelling to see how so many different theories were created around her murder case. 

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Who Was Jill Dando? Learn Everything About The Famous Face Of Crimewatch! 

Before moving ahead, you must know who Jill Dando actually was! This brings us back to the all-time popular BBC show, Crimewatch. The way Dando elaborated captivating news to the public was always worth taking a glance at. Within a very few years, people started calling her to be the iconic face of Crimewatch! No one can deny the fact that Dando had an exceptional career as a brilliant journalist and reporter. Millions of people daily tuned into the network to watch her show. Besides being renowned as an English journalist, Dando was also known to be a TV presenter and newsreader. From being a trainee reporter for the local weekly newspaper, the Western Mercury, to getting a dynamic job at the BBC network, Dando had worked extremely hard to shape her career. 

After spending five long years as a print journalist, finally she cracked the interview for the BBC network, and thus her career geared up! As per records, Jill used to be the reporter for Breakfast News, Six O’clock News, Crimewatch, and the popular travel review program, Holiday! Just two years before she died, she was also bestowed with the title of BBC Personality of the Year! Sources confirmed that Jill was seemingly one of the most high-profile on-screen staff at the BBC network! 

Was Jill Dando Single Or Married? 

The year 1999 was extremely important to her! She had already reached great heights in her career and now she was planning to settle down for real. Sources revealed that she was engaged to a gynecologist named Alan Farthing! This man was later seen as Queen Elizabeth II’s personal physician as well. The blind date truly changed her life forever! Thanks to a mutual friend, who planned the whole set-up. Sadly, the year she was murdered was the same when she thought of marrying the love of her life. The couple was supposed to get married around autumn 1999, but unfortunately, the marriage never happened.

Who Was Charged For Killing Jill Dando? 

After a strenuous investigation procedure, Barry George was charged with the murder of Jill Dando! As per the information collected by us, he was arrested particularly on 25th May 2000! After almost a year following Jill’s death, a man was taken behind bars, but to everyone’s surprise, he wasn’t the actual culprit. The tip given to the cops was not quite based on facts, thus Barry George was wrongly convicted for the killing of Jill Dando. George used to live near Jill’s house, and guess what, upon scrutiny of his place, a single particle of gunshot residue was found in his coat!

This was the only evidence the police were able to find and thus this individual was linked to the murder mystery. The coat in his wardrobe truly put him in a bizarre position. As a result, he was dragged to court and was also declared to be guilty! His imprisonment started in July 2001, he was sentenced to a lifetime. But after giving various appeals, finally, the court gave him a chance to be heard. A total of seven years later, particularly in 2008, he got his retrial! This time he managed to get a permanent bail from this case. The same year in August he was released from jail!  

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Was Jill Murdered By A Serbian Hitman? Exploring The Political Angle! 

Is "Who Killed Jill Dando?" Based On A True Story? Fact Check! 

A very shocking theory placed in the series was the entry of the Serbian hitman! There were a few who started thinking in the other direction and started assuming that  Jill Dando could have been killed by a Serbian. Almost twenty days before her nerve-wracking murder, Dando had presented a Kosovo Crisis Appeal in her channel. This was mainly done to support those fleeing the Balkans. Following this, after a few days, NATO had drastically bombed the Radio Television of Serbia headquarters! This terrifying event led to the killing of 16 RTS employees.

Dando’s personal agent, Jon Roseman also confirmed that they had never really received any threatening mail! But there was also a time when they received a long letter which was quite worrisome. This happened a month ago, probably before she placed the Kosovo Crisis Appeal. After her demise took the country by shock, the BBC center received a few phone threats as well! Yes, you heard it right, it was quite daunting to see that a day after Jill’s death, a Serbian had even said that he had originally killed Jill Dando.

As per records unveiled, the man on the phone clearly said that since Prime Minister Tony Blair had killed innocent young individuals, they had decided to butcher back their people. He mentioned that the slaughtering had already begun! And after Jill, their red target will be placed on Mr. Hall! The police had tried to see the location of the phone call. But this angle was never deeply explored by the cops. 

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Was Jill Dando Shot Dead By A Stalker Or A Crime Group? Exploring Other Eye-Catching Theories!

Another theory that caught everyone’s attention was the involvement of a stalker! As per a few sources, Dando could have been murdered by a stalker or an obsessive fan of hers. She was incredibly popular and with that much fame, she also had to handle a ton of fans! A few of her colleagues confirmed that she was disturbed many times by some of her obsessive fans. Detective Chief Inspector Hamish Campbell, the main man in charge of the whole investigation also said that a  stalker or a hitman could also be involved in this case. 

There were clearly too many theories around her sudden death, some were explored while others remained untouched. The cops also said that since the journalist was linked to the broadcasting of various crime cases, crime groups could also have been involved in this. As the days passed by, the murder mystery became even more complex and complicated. Many people also said that she was also seen to be the target of the IRA! However, no sign of a pedophile ring or a gang was found by the cops.

Is “Who Killed Jill Dando?” Based On A True Story? Fact Check! – FAQs

1. Was Jill Dando killed by an obsessive fan?

There is a theory that Jill Dando was killed by an obsessive fan, but it was never confirmed. 

2. Was Jill Dando’s murder mystery solved?

No, Jill Dando’s murder mystery is yet to be solved. 

3. Was Jill Dando killed because of her involvement in politics?

There is a possibility that Jill Dando was killed because of her heavy involvement in politics, but this was never verified.

4. Was Jill Dando killed at her own house?

While she was standing on her doorstep, Jill Dando was shot dead. 

5. Is Barry George the main culprit in Dando’s murder mystery? 

Barry George was charged with the murder of Jill, but then he was also released by the court. 

6. Was Jill Dando butchered by a stalker?

There is a possibility that Dando was brutally murdered by a stalker, but it was never confirmed. 

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