The Fake Saintess Awaits Her Exit Chapter 16 Release Date Astounds Readers!

Webcomics have always been successful in entertaining the readers. They have an interesting and unique plot in every different series. Korean webcomics are one of the best manga available to read. One such Korean Manga is “The Fake Saintess Awaits Her Exit” which has won the hearts of the readers. After reading 15 chapters of the series now, fans are very anxious to read the next chapter. They are eagerly waiting for the news about The Fake Saintess Awaits Her Exit Chapter 16 Release Date. If you are a fan and you have the same question then this article is a must-read as it contains every answer. Also, those who want to start reading webcomics should read this article to know about the best one.

The Fake Saintess Awaits Her Exit Chapter 16 Release Date

Now the wait is over. It has been confirmed by the writers and publishers that this chapter is going to be released very soon. So the date which has been locked for the release of this awaited chapter is 30th September 2023. There will be variations in the timings for different regions. So fans are advised to watch for the correct timings according to their regions.

This chapter is long awaited by the manga fans as all of them want to know what happens next in the story. Also, this chapter will be released as a raw scan. Fans who want to read in English have to wait a little longer than the original release date. And there is no official group for the translation so it would take a long time before it is translated.

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What Is This Manga Series About?

This is a story of Yvelina and her life. She is a saint in this story. But she has arrogant and ignorant behaviour towards her duties and others. Making love with many different men is what she does in her everyday life. And she doesn’t perform her duties other than this. After some time, Yvelina is replaced by another Saintess who has more divine powers. Our protagonist hence loses all her powers and her post. This other saintess has been betrayed by her own men due to her awful personality. Now the story goes on and Yonah has gone into the world of Iris. She was a cancer patient from her childhood.

After her death from this cancer, she was sent to the world as Saintess Yvelina. Yonah was now happy as she was living a happy life again. This time when she was again incarnated as Saintess was just before she ruined her relationship with Latban. Yvelina has to live very wisely and not do any evil things. But this was not so and she became an evil saint which has many mysteries. These mysteries need to be solved to know how she became an evil saint.

This is a Korean webcomic which was released in 2022. It is written by Baegseolhong Pine and the artwork is done by Kim Peong. Both of them are very talented in their career. This webcomic shows parts of maturity, romance, harem, and fantasy. Fans love this comic and there is a top level of hype regarding this comic.

Where To Read This Series?

This series is available to read on Ridibooks where there are many more interesting manga series available. It is available in raw form and there is no official translation of this series as of yet. One who is looking to read this webcomic should visit Ridibooks. All the chapters of the series are available on this platform. Also, the new chapters will be released on this platform itself.

What Happened In Chapter 15 Of The series?

In this chapter, readers can read about the arrival of The delegation from the Aphelius Empire. After they reached, the head of the delegation was announced. It was the crown prince named Leon Havel Aphelius. After the crown prince reached there, he saw the saintess in front of him. Once he saw the saintess, he went to her and kissed her hand. It was a welcome gesture which amazed everyone.

Yvelina came to know that the old lady who caused havoc at the grand ceremony was Leon. She became wary of the crown prince. Leon also starts provoking Yvelina. He says that Yvelina hasn’t worn the gems which were sent by his kingdom. After this, Yvelina told Leon to go back and she gave all the gems to him.

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