Blocco 181 Season 2 Release Date. When Is The Show Releasing Its New Season? Soon Or Later? Let’s See!

Fantasy relations and love relationships are two very different in nature. the common thing that exists between both of them is the existence of two human souls. but what if we say the fantasy and love relationship can even go together and that also with three humans involved in each other? Interesting right, and awkward too. Don’t worry, all the interest will increase soon, and awkwardness will vanish with the article closings.

Today we are here to tell you about an Italian fantasy drama, that made its debut in the year 2022 and gained super fan followings. From the crime scenes to the love relationships, this series holds every drama in it. A love relationship isn’t the casual love of a man and woman, instead, it is two men and a woman. Think of it, how superbly interesting the plot will be. 

No worries then, as we are back here with our articles to take you on an adventurous ride, disclosing the release dates for its new seasons and if it is coming when will it reach your screens, and most importantly, what all things we should expect in this new season. Everything is covered ahead, just move on and read and enjoy!

Blocco 181 Season 2 Release Date. Is It Coming Or Not?

Blocco 181 in Italian or Block 181 in English is a fantasy crime drama tale that has been ruling the hearts of people since the year 2022. But as more time passed fans were really excited and eager to know, when is their favorite show returning back. They ask whether or not they will be seeing the show back and if yes, then when will that good day come?

So in answer to their queries, the exact date is not known yet for the second season of Blocco 181, as the makers or the producers have yet not renewed it for the second season, and also no public announcements are made yet. So we can’t say anything for now. But it feels that the show will be renewed soon and will be released by the end of year 2023.

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Plot Of The Series

The series Blocco 181 is a blend of crime, love, physical relationships, and drama as a whole. the series shows the block area no. 181 which is full of boys and is run and maintained by boys of the city, the head of the block is Nicola Rizzo. The series basically confuses the audiences with its twists and turns in the entire story, but one thing is mystery the block 181 secret, its boys, and all of them turning into a criminal one passing day. why is that so? Who are its head and what do they do? 

The block’s head is Rizzo and the friend and crime partner of the cocaine smuggler and transporter of block 181, Lorenzo Curzi. He has been the king of cocaine in that area and all his boys live in block 181 and increase his business selling cocaine to everyone who needs it. When the business of cocaine increased and also the rivalry among the boys of different areas. 

In Block 181 the love was growing in the area. and as said before this isn’t common a love including the man and a woman. no, no, instead this involves two men and a woman. The two have fallen for one woman and now are dating her happily together, and even the girl is happy for them. Now who are they? The girl is the important woman of the scene, Bea, one of the men is Ludo and the other one is Mahdi. Both of them are grown in block 181 and share some bonds with Lorenzo and Rizzo as well. 

Cast Of The Series

The series Blocco 181 includes a large star cast, but the actors in the lead roles include the following. Bea by Laura Osma is Ricardo’s sister. Ricardo by Juan Cely Delgado is the boos of Misa. Lorenzo Curzi by Alessandro Tedeschi, the king of cocaine supply in the area. Snake by Salmo is the most trusted person for Lorenzo Curzi. Nicola Rizzo by Alessio Pratico is the head of the are 181 and a crime partner with Curzi as well. Ludo by Alessandro Piavani is the courier of Curzi and Mahdi is the person who collects rent from the people in block 181. 

Where You Can Watch It

Blocco 181 is available for the fans on their official website Sky.

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