Will The Superhuman Battlefield Chapter 73 Release Date Be Delayed?

Helmed by an enthusiastic team of authors and artists comprising Nicolo, an anonymous Two Zero and Plan A, Superhuman Battlefield, true to its name, is a sci-fi fantasy manga. Also entitled Superhuman’s Game and the Esper’s Game, the Shounen manga revolves around a clan of superheroes entitled Espers. It blends in two of the most enthralling genres–sports and supernatural fantasy–to deliver a compelling tale. It now stands firm in its genre, trailing closely behind well-acclaimed supernatural mangas such as the Superhuman Era and Solo Levelling.

Due to its rich plotline and character ensemble, the manga has accumulated over a million fans. It is natural you, too, are wondering whether the Superhuman Battlefield Chapter 73 release date has been confirmed. If so, jump in to get your hands on the latest updates!

Superhuman Battlefield Chapter 73 Release Date

The trio, Nicolo, Two Zero and Plan A, first introduced Superhuman Battlefield in late 2022. The manga is currently licensed by Naver Series and Tappytoon. The creators have released the manga in half a dozen languages including French, Chinese, Thai and more. Some sources even cite that the authors are planning to release the manga in a few more languages but nothing of this sort has been affirmed officially.

Similarly, speculations regarding the manga being adapted into a novel and for an anime adaptation have been circling the Internet for a while. Yet, the authors remain silent and continue to work on expanding Superhuman Battlefield into a renaissance saga. Ever since its initial release, the authors have maintained a consistent publishing schedule. There has been no confirmation regarding the delay of the upcoming iteration, regardless of what the speculations claim.

It is due to this congruous schedule that Superhuman Battlefield Chapter 73 is expected to be released on September 25, 2023. It will be available on Naver Series in the Korean language and on Tappytoon in the English language. Though the latter platform consists of only a few chapters, the authors are striving to update the list soon. Due to the same, the English translation of the upcoming chapter will be delayed for a while.

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Superhuman Battlefield Manga Overview 

Almost two decades ago, the Espers, a team of seven enigmatic warriors, led by Seomun Yeop, had to compete against the devious powers to protect the world from destruction. Despite combining their strengths, all of the seven Espers were unable to tackle the onslaught of the alien-like species. With little to no option left, Seomun decided to sacrifice himself and was resurrected into an alternate reality.

But now, after his dispatch, the world has become nothing more than a desolate land for the Espers. Each of these warriors wanders around with no purpose and then decides to showcase their prowess by creating a virtual reality game. While they succeed in manifesting the game and organising tournaments to prove their abilities, the Korean Espers fall behind in the league they created on their own.

Superhuman Battlefield Chapter 73 Plot

To overcome the circumstances, the Korean Espers dedicate their entire lives and try to push their country to the top. However, seventeen years pass by and they are unable to manage their situation. When all hope seems lost, Seomun makes a grand comeback and immediately begins formulating plans to uplift his country in the upcoming tournament.

The previous chapter introduced another Esper, Roy Meyer, who seems to be a welcome addition to the team Seomun has been trying to build. However, Meyer has been camouflaging a few secrets of his own beneath his stern attitude. Superhuman Battlefield Chapter 73 and beyond are expected to unravel Meyer and Seomun’s complex past. With the tournament lurking in front of the Espers, the manga certainly stands at a crucial point.

Superhuman Battlefield Chapter 73 Release Date: FAQs 

1. What Is The Superhuman Battlefield Manga About?

It is a fantastical manga centred around a team of supernatural heroes entitled Espers, who aim to protect the world from devious creatures.

2. Who Is The Author Of The Superhuman Battlefield Manga?

The manga is written and illustrated by Nicolo, Two Zero and Plan A.

3. Is The Superhuman Battlefield Manga Adapted From A Novel?

No, Superhuman Battlefield isn’t adapted from a novel or a webtoon.

4. Is The Superhuman Battlefield Chapter 73 Release Date Confirmed?

Yes, it is confirmed.

5. When Will Superhuman Battlefield Chapter 73 Release?

Superhuman Battlefield Chapter 73 is scheduled to be released on September 25, 2023.

6. Where To Read Superhuman Battlefield Chapter 73 Online?

You can read the manga online on Tappytoon and Naver Series.

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