The Wait For Under The Oak Tree Chapter 74 Release Date Finally Ends!

Currently in its sixth iteration, Under The Oak Tree is renowned as a fusion of historical, fantasy and romance genres. It is helmed by Suji Kim, the well-acclaimed author of Heeran Love Song aka Twilight Poem. The Shonen manga boasts millions of fans and twice the amount of monthly readers who are all enamoured by the intense storyline depicted by Kim. The author tries to deal with sensitive concepts of acute self-consciousness, and physical and mental trauma and aims to deliver a poignant tale.

It goes without saying that Suji has succeeded in retaining the level of intrigue through the five seasons. Now, with the cliffhangers left by the previous chapters, the anticipation for this upcoming chapter is charting high. So, if you are wondering whether Under The Oak Tree Chapter 74 release date is out, here is everything you need to know!

Under The Oak Tree Chapter 74 Release Date

Suji began serialising the novel in an online publishing platform, Manta, in late 2020. Ever since, Suji and the illustrator, Hermes, have kept the web novel brimming with emotional turmoil, misunderstandings and budding romance. The duo have collected individual chapters of the manga into five volumes so far and are currently in the process of releasing the next one. 

While the first few chapters didn’t garner as much attention as the creators wished for, they soon witnessed the incessant growth of the manga after brazenly addressing the protagonist’s issues. In the past few chapters, the author has been skirting around these issues and keeping fans on their toes. 

Recently Suji confirmed that Under The Oak Tree Chapter 74 will be released on September 25, 2023. It will be available on the Manta platform in both the Korean and English languages. 

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Under The Oak Tree Manga Overview 

Under The Oak Tree is renowned as “a flawless love story of the flawed”. It revolves around Maximilian, the daughter of Duke Croyso, who is brutally tormented throughout her childhood due to her stutter. She has been considered nothing more than a burden and a disgrace to the Croyso family because of her stutter and inability to communicate. Due to the same, Max’s father has kept her confined in her room all her life, forbidding anybody to enter the said room.

When the Duke is challenged for a war, he seeks Riftan Calypse, a low-ranking yet lethal knight. To strengthen the bond, the duke decides to marry off Max to Riftan just a couple of days prior to the war. Riftan is taken aback by the Duke’s sudden generosity but soon agrees to tie the knot with Max after witnessing her humble nature. 

His perception is soon challenged by Max’s apprehension on their wedding day. Riftan starts believing that Max isn’t interested in marrying him due to his status when the truth is, she can’t tolerate her husband’s kindness.

Under The Oak Tree Chapter 74 Storyline

Max is once again left in solidarity when Riftan has to leave for the war the next morning. Drowning in self-doubt and constantly blaming her actions, Max tries to not let Riftan’s angry persona get to her. However, she fails immensely and keeps kindling the same doubts for the next three years until Riftan arrives. He immediately misinterprets Max’s stutter as her contempt for his hulk-like physique and lowly social status. But as he begins spending time with Max, he gathers that the problem might be deeper than she is letting on.

In the previous chapters, Riftan was stupefied upon hearing Max’s plea of not abandoning her. He has now begun questioning the reason behind Max’s low self-esteem. Under The Oak Tree Chapter 74 and beyond will focus on strengthening the Calypse couple’s relationship and unraveling Max’s horrified past.

Under The Oak Tree Chapter 74 Release Date: FAQs 

1. What Is Under The Oak Tree Manga About?

It is a historical manga centred around a stuttering Max, the daughter of a duke and a growling Rifton, a knight.

2. Who Is The Author Of Under The Oak Tree?

The manga is written by Suji Kim and illustrated by Hermes.

3. How Many Volumes Of Under The Oak Tree Are Available?

There are five volumes of Under The Oak Tree available on Kindle.

4. Is Under The Oak Tree Chapter 74 Release Date Confirmed?

Yes, it is confirmed.

5. When Will Under The Oak Tree Chapter 74 Release?

Under The Oak Tree Chapter 74 will be released on September 25, 2023.

6. Where To Read Under The Oak Tree Chapter 74 Online?

You can read the manga online on the Manta Comics official website.

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