Lord Baby Runs A Romance Fantasy With Cash Chapter 34 Release Date, Recap, Spoilers & All Other Updates!

Who doesn’t like reading a romantic novel, and dreaming of yourself in that pretty world of romance, love, and fantasies? Every one of us loves it, right? And especially the children, who have never seen happiness in their lives. This series we will be discussing today is the story of the same, a homeless orphan girl, who has no one to look after and get loved by. This is her story. the story of her reincarnation.

Excited to know about this series. Don’t worry, we will be telling you everything about the series in short in this article. Not only will it cover the release date of the series’ new chapters but also the spoilers to it. Including the recap of previous chapters, you will know what has happened in the last chapters and how will the new chapters proceed. Everything and everything is here for you.

Let us proceed with the article and read more of the series in it. The release date, spoilers recap, and all other updates, we’ve covered in this article. Continue reading it and by the end of it, you will be excited to read the novel completely, if you have never started or left it in the mid-way. 

Lord Baby Runs A Romance Fantasy With Cash Chapter 34 Release Date

Before letting you know about the series and its previous chapters, let us know when is the new chapter of the series coming out. Well, the series started in the year 2023 and is releasing chapter 34 next week, on Wednesday, September 27, 2023, on their official website. The series has yet not been published in the English language but is ruling the hearts of readers in its raw, Korean form. 

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Recap Of The Series

The series, Lord Baby Runs A Romance Fantasy With Cash, is the story of a young lonely girl, Elisa who has no family, no friends, and no reason to live. She just lives on the footpath and reads novels. Novels are the source of her happiness, she loves reading and dreaming of herself in the parallel world of fantasies. Elisa loves reading novels of romance, where the females are loved and cared for.

Females in this fantasy world are loved by their father, brother, and a handsome man. They are noble princesses with all amenities in their life. Elisa dreams of her life to be like this someday and wishes god to give her this life at her next birth. One day while she was crossing the road, was knocked down by a truck and Elisa died. Elisa is sent by her wishes to a parallel fantasy world, where she is incarnated in a girl of an unknown mother and a cold-hearted father. 

Elisa, when born to a king family, was left away by her father as she didn’t look like him, and now she has to work and toil in her uncle’s house. she was not getting food to eat, just one meal a day, so much hard work, and above everything the bullies she had to face every day, from her uncle and his daughter. One day, at her uncle’s daughter’s birthday party, she met the Duke of Phearaton. She cried in front of him and he was metled by her sadness.

The question here is, What is Elisa’s next life now? Will she be taken away by the Duke? Will her life be changed or she has to live like this? Wait, all the answers to your questions are waiting in the upcoming new chapters. Till then let’s see what has happened in the last chapter of the series. 

Spoiler To Chapter 34

In the last chapter 33, readers come to know that Elisa was taken away to Duke’s home after she cried in front of him calling him her father. He took Elisa to his home, and now she asks to let her do the job of managing his estates. Duke was thrilled to know and agreed to give her the position. This made Duke’s son jealous of her as she was now getting all the attention of her father. In the next chapter 34, readers will know the new life of Elisa, how she is living there, and how is she managing all the stuff in this new royal life. 

When Can You Read The Series

Lord Baby Runs A Romance Fantasy With Cash, is available in its raw, Korean form on their official page, Kakao Page to read. 

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