Is Lifetime’s One Night Stand Murder Based On A True Story? Is Alyssa The Criminal For Real?

Lifetime is releasing its new mystery film on September 17, 2023. The film as far as is concerned with the mystery, is concerned with crimes too. Well, what if someday you wake up to a place that is unknown to you? Or what if you wake up beside a stranger on the bed? Voth the situations can be evenly awkward, strange and scary too. But wait, adding up to the situation, What if you wake up in an unknown place, beside a stranger who is dead? 

The situation itself takes up the breath of the readers, right? then think of our film’s protagonist, a female lead, who finds herself in a strange place beside some stranger murdered. And now the whole shit is upon her head. She is a criminal. It has excited you also right to know whether this story is a real-life event or some fictional one. Are any other questions arising? Dont Worry!

The article is all devoted to the film. Here, we will be sharing with you the film’s storyline, the protagonist, who she is, and of course answer to the most exciting question, Is the film based on a true story? So, without wasting a moment, let us delve deeper into the film to know more of it further as we end up reading this article, soon. 

Is Lifetime’s One Night Stand Murder Based On A True Story?

One Night Stand Murder, Lifetime’s new arrival is a thrilling and exciting crime mystery film. The film’s titles, one-night stand, and murder, are quite familiar words. There can be many set examples, of the murders by female lovers, of the ones who have slept on nights with that. It might make you feel the film’s plot is based on such real-life events.

The answer to that is a big No, No! As the film storyline seems dramatic, audiences feel it depends on some real-life event. But no, the film is a complete fiction. The mindful and strategic story of the mixture of three great writers’ minds, including, Jeffrey Schenck, Peter Sullivan, and Adam Rockoff. The three have composed many masterpieces together, and now it’s time for another one. 

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Story Behind The Movie

The film begins with a lady, Alyssa waking up to her usual one-night stand, turning from a romantic to horrific. At first, the audience feels she is waking up from a sleep, a calm sleep. But, the twist in the beginning happens, to be when she finds the place completely strange, and the man she wakes up and finds herself behind is also a stranger and the more serious part is he is dead.

Now, Alyssa finds herself in an awkward situation, where she can’t even think of murdering anyone, but here she is waking up to a dead man, and all the fingers are pointing toward her, she is the criminal now. Alyssa is quite terrified and panicking as she is quite unaware of the fact, how she reached out here, who is the man, who killed him and so many questions. As many arise in our mind, the same is the count of questions in her mind as well.

Following in the next panel of the film, we find Alyssa, trying to collect the evidence to prove herself innocent and not involved in the murder. Also on her way, she does find positive responses but is all surrounded by many hurdles, which she must cross, and then she will get her innocence proofs to her. The film though it is fictional, still will be a pack of thrill and drama to see her fight for her innocence. 

Cast Involved In The Film

One night stand murder is a fictional film that has a list of amazing talented and hard-working actors and actresses. The cast of the film includes Alyssa, the protagonist of the film played by Casey Waller. Keller, the detective trying to solve the mystery of Alyssa’s case is played by Alex Trumble. Cindy played by Alisha Ricardi, Roger played by Patrick Quinn, Serena played by Sami Nye, Koy played by Malachi Durant, Willis played by Tavarus Weems, and many more are the cast involved in this amazing fictional film. 

Where Is The Film Available

One Night Stand Murder is a film available on their official website, Lifetime, and is streaming from 17th September 2023. 

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