Is Lifetime’s How She Caught A Killer Based On A True Story? Truth Behind The Crime Is Unveiled

Histories are the proof themselves, that whenever to solve a case or an intricating and sensitive crime that needs to be solved soon, our police or detectives have risked their lives, performed missions undercover to catch the criminals red-handed and then save the other victims to fall in their trap. This deserves a bow down to all the officers in and out of this world full of criminals.

Well, when it comes to criminals, there can be many, but when it comes to serial killers, our minds can make views of some, psycho, who has gone crazy killing and murdering people of the same background. this article is the same based on a serial killer, or a film based on him, inspired by these serial killers, who have made the world go scared of their actions and works. 

The film we will be discussing in this article is new in the market, but the question is still the same, about the film being true or not? Well, give us a chance to tell the answer and prove it to you right with the proofs. So here we’re back again to let you know more about a film and give you the answers to all other kinds of questions that arise in your mind. 

Is Lifetime’s How She Caught A Killer Based On A True Story? 

The Lifetime’s new released film, “How She Caught A Killer” is inspired by a true event. The film is set in the 1980s when a serial killer was ruling the news channels of the world, by killing stories every day.

One of the newly made, brave detectives decided to undergo a mission to catch his psycho red-handed. This film is dedicated to the detective herself. Not all the incidents shown are true and copied from real events, but almost everything is inspired from it to bring awareness among the viewers. 

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Story Behind The Film

The story of the film and in real life involves a newly passed-out detective who wants to prove herself and her worth to her seniors, and so she decides to take up this case of a serial killer, whom she heard about while her senior, David Goodman is having a conversation with.

The detective, Linda Murphy, teams up with an FBI agent to find this serial killer. He is a man of 30- years old and is targeting sex workers in the area. He used to catch them from route 40 of the city. The criminal was Steven Brian Pennell. He was charged with murder of more than 5 murders and kidnapping 2 women. 

Brian’s first victim was Shirley Anna Ellis, who while returning to her home from the hospital after doing her job as a nurse, she was kidnapped in route 40 and brutally injured and found killed on the corner of a road, for being a sex worker. The numbers were increasing and criminal was still free in the air. 

Until, real-life police officer, Renée Taschner filed a complaint and decided to pretend as a sex worker, while in the reel it’s Linda Murphy who decided to be a sex worker. She starts roaming Route 40 until she is in the eyes of the criminal. Brian then chased her and lured her to the car, hopefully, his car number was noted and sent for checking. soon his car and he was abducted by the policemen. 

How Brian Was Caught

Well, in the year 1988 when, Renée Taschner, sent his car’s number to the police, it was found out that the car belonged to an electrician, and when checked thoroughly police found traces of blood of the earlier victims, as reported. Not only this he was equipped with many weapons to kill the girls.

This was how the brave policeman, made it to the serial killer and caught him red-handed. The film is thus based on these real events of the brave police officer’s life, and how she managed to do all these great stuff. The film is thus a true story, from real-life incidents.

Where Is The Film Available

The film “How She Caught A Killer”, is available for the audiences on their official website, Lifetime

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