The First Order Episode 9 Release Date: Where To Watch It?

These days, mangas and animes that are set in a world that’s devastated by disaster have become pretty famous. Apocalypse and storylines related to this genre have risen up to the top favorite lists of every otaku recently. One such anime is The First Order. The plot shows us how tough it is to survive after a post-apocalyptic event happens.

The anime is set in a phase where humanity is at stake. We get a glimpse of the aftereffects of nuclear warfare. The horrifying events caused low-temperature weather which is often called the long nuclear winter. Every creature is trying its best to live in these adverse conditions. If one more disaster arrives, every life form will face its end. We have our heroes who try to fight off the evil forces who try to manipulate and deprive the innocent survivors.

If you have watched all the episodes, you can already remember the plot. Hardcore anime watchers and the audience have loved this anime till now. The fans are interested in the next episode. So, what can possibly be the release date of The First Order Episode 9? To know more, take your time and consider reading our article below.

The First Order Episode 9 Release Date: Everything We Know

This is a new anime and the makers are doing their best to keep the storyline fresh. If you ask me, well, this anime might seem the boring surviving in the fallen world type, but the storyline is a bit different. Here, people start to learn how to protect themselves. They are learning how to live among the dangers of a fallen and downtrodden society that is on the brink of extinction. Various anime forums or otaku groups have enjoyed this anime. Now they are all curious about a new episode.

So, what is The First Order Episode 9 release date? Are we going to get a new episode soon? In this article, we will talk about the story a bit more. But before we do that, let us talk about this topic. Let me answer you. There is no official news about The First Order Episode 9 release date. Episode 8 is releasing on 30th August 2023. To get another episode, you all have to wait for at least another week. You might expect episode 9 to be released by 9th September 2023.

The 8th episode of the anime is releasing on 30th August 2023 in the United States of America, Canada, and everywhere else. Indian otakus will receive the new episode by 6.30 p.m. As far as I have seen, the show makers have a tendency to release episodes at least 7 days after releasing one. So, following that trend, you might expect it around the 2nd week of September. But let us not speculate – it is better to watch Episode 8 first. Then, we will wait till The First Order Episode 9 release date comes.

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The First Order: Story Of Hope In A God-forsaken World

There are 7 episodes of this anime till now. If you have watched these episodes, then you already know what is happening. If you have not yet watched it, I will take you through a recap of the whole story. So, The First Order takes us into a living hell hole of a society. People are just existing instead of living their lives. They stay within borders walls or boundaries. The anime shows us how people manage to stay away from the lurking dangers around them. Now, let us talk about how far we have come till Episode 7 of The First Order.

Lan Wangji and Wei Wuxian are two warriors. Over time, they have developed a good friendly bond and now, Lan and Wei are fighting against the enemies together. Both of them are somehow hiding inside a cave in order to avoid being in danger. There, we can see them discussing how affectionate and caring they have become for one another. Wei devises a plan for protecting the Cloud Recess from the Wen Clan. Lan is not as experienced and tactical as him, so Lan must follow Wei Wuxian in this quest.

Now, the Wen Clan Leader gains the upper hand. Soon, along with the army, we could see the Wen Clan demand the surrender of Lan Qiren. They are at the Cloud Recess and start to spread their influence over the Five Great Sects. Wei and Lang already prepared themselves for this. Soon, we see them seeking help from a few other sects. Our warriors are quite powerful. Lan Wangji has a spiritual energy and has Bichen, a special sword. On the other hand, Wei Wuxian has the demonic power to summon and generate powerful corpses. Together with Chenqing, they start fighting 

The First Order Episode 9 Possible Story And Reading Platform

As of now, we do not have any spoilers regarding Episode 9. Episode 8 will be here anytime soon. As long as the latest episode gets a good number of views, it will be of no use to talk about the 9th episode. You might be able to see the outcome of the fight between Wen Clan and the Cloud Recess. The heroes will have to use every bit of their abilities in order to defeat Wen Rouhan. They might be successful in defeating the Wen Clan.

But these are all speculations. To know more about this, we will have to wait till The First Order Episode 9 release date comes. If you want to watch this anime, you can go to Bilibili by clicking here.

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