Lord Of Mana Chapter 17 Release Date: When Can We Expect The Manhwa To Return With The 17th Chapter? Detailed Study On Release Date, Platform To Watch And Spoiler!

Yet another amazing manga series has captured our eye! The first sixteen chapters of this gripping manga story have already been read. Finally, get ready to read more of the story. We have a very significant chapter waiting for us!  It is surely going to be an exciting one. More disturbing disclosures are set to be made. In case you haven’t read the previous ones, do give it a read to get a more exciting experience reading the next chapter. As always we can surely expect the story to blow our minds off. In case you are still wondering about the Lord Of Mana Chapter 17 Release Date, read the article below.

Lord Of Mana Chapter 17 Release Date

Fans must be wondering about the release date of the next chapter of Lord Of Mana. there is good news for you, in case you are a Manhwa fan. The Lord Of Mana Chapter 17 Release Date has been finalized by the sources to be the 28th of August, 2023. So, don’t forget to give it a read as soon as it releases!

Lord Of Mana: Overview

Lord Of Mana Chapter 16 has done really well and has been successful in creating a huge fanbase. In case you are a newbie here and want to get a quick summary of the novel and its chapters, we have got you covered. You will have a short summary of the previous chapter so that it becomes easy for you to recall and know more about it. 

To become an official member of the Devil’s Platoon, Ian was required to gather the left ears from 10 Orcs within a week. On his first day of gathering orc ears, he stumbled across a Dark Mage who was attempting to trade a young girl for materials. Ian managed to save the girl, but he was unable to catch the offender. It was discovered that the girl was from the Green Orcs Village. They learned from the villagers that the black mage had visited them and abducted a number of people. 

Further Story

Mana was happy to assist Ian, so he used his powers to listen to her. He was informed of the Dark Mage’s hiding place. There were a number of formidable adversaries. Ian defeated them after enabling his sword aura. In their duel, the Dark Mage made himself known. The Dark Mage claimed that Ian had Dragon’s Blood throughout their battle. 

Ian made an effort to reach a consensus. In exchange, he offered to give the wizard portions of his own blood to examine. This was merely a trick to buy him some time to replenish his mana. The Mana gave Ian temporary full control of the creature because it was so furious at the mage. Ian advances on the wizard while facing it with all of its power.

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Lord Of Mana Chapter 17: Expected Storyline

You must be looking forward to knowing the story of the 17th chapter. Well, the previous chapters have set a benchmark and hence fans are extremely interested to know more about the next chapter. So we are here with a few of the spoilers for you. Since the whole story cannot be revealed, let us bring to you a speculated storyline on the same. 

In the previous chapter, Ian’s talents were highlighted significantly more. It’s a difficult task, but he was given the ability to command mana how he pleased. It may not be without flaws, despite how fantastic it is. He might not have the physical means to sustain long-term control over such enormous sums of mana. The black wizard appears to be an easy foe for him to take down, though, so he won’t require much time.

Additionally, we learned that Ian possesses Dragon’s Blood. It had never been discussed before. However, I do recall seeing a dragon right before the main character was taken to The Continent of Panthea. Before sending Ian to Panthea, the dragon—who must have been some sort of deity must have bestowed upon him with his attribute. In the upcoming chapters, Ian should be able to discover more about these skills. Apart from this, we will surely witness a topsy-turvy turn in the plot. So stay calm and wait for the release of the next chapter.

Lord Of Mana Chapter 17: Where To Read?

In case you are wondering where to read and get access to the Lord Of Mana, you can head straight to Alandal for the English version. However, the first 3 chapters of The Manhwa are free of cost, to read the other chapters, you will have to buy them.

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