The Anticipation Soars High As Detective Conan Chapter 1117 Release Date Gets Confirmation!

With over 1100 chapters, 100 tankōbon volumes, 1000 anime episodes, 25 feature films and 5 spin-offs, Detective Conan has righteously established itself as a pioneer in its genre. The enticing tale is penned and illustrated by Gosho Aoyama, an artist renowned for exceptional mangas such as Magic Kaito, Yaba and of course, Detective Conan. Also entitled Meitantei Konan, Case Closed and The Great Detective Conan, it is the third longest-running manga in the league of well-renowned Japanese comics such as One Piece and Naruto. The recipient of dozens of award nominations and accolades, the manga doesn’t only possess a remarkable storyline but also an enticing character set.

It is due to these elements that Detective Conan is hailed as a leading manga of all time. Ever since Gosho announced his plans regarding the future of the manga, fans are constantly on the lookout for updates. If you are one of the million fans who are searching for recent updates regarding the Detective Conan Chapter 1117 release date, here is your chance!

Detective Conan Chapter 1117 Release Date

Detective Conan Chapter 1117 Release Date

Back in January 1994, Aoyama released the first chapter of Detective Conan, then entitled Case Closed, in the Weekly Shōnen Sunday magazine. With minimalistic design and vibrant characters, the manga began following the trend of the 90s and still continues to maintain the same design. Moreover, Aoyama reportedly draws the manga with pen and paper before his team illustrated the design in a digital version. It is due to Gosho’s dedication, diligence and efforts that Detective Conan is now a leading manga, boasting ginormous success worldwide.

Ever since its initial release in January 1994, Detective Conan has been released weekly except for a few occasions in which Gosho went on a momentary hiatus. Due to the steady publishing schedule, fans rest assured but the anticipation still keeps soaring high with each latest confirmation.

Detective Conan Chapter 1117 is scheduled for release on August 30, 2023. It will be available in both Japanese and English versions on Viz Media.

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A Momentous Milestone: Detective Conan Celebrates 25 Years

2 years after Weekly Shōnen Sunday began serializing Detective Conan, then titled Case Closed, it was adapted for a cinematic adaptation by TMS Entertainment in 1996. Since then, Case Closed has become a household name for the Japanese entertainment industry with a new episode being broadcast frequently. Even now, after 25 years of Detective Conan being on screen, it remains as popular as always. To celebrate this milestone, TMS ordered a remake of one of the most iconic episodes of the series, the Moonlight Sonata Murder Case, which premiered on March 6, 2021.

In 1997, after the animated cartoon-like series premiered on TMS, Detective Conan received its first film adaptation. So far, 25 featured films have been produced along with 2 OVAs (Original Video Animations). Moreover, four live-action TV dramas have been helmed by TMS along with several television specials.

Following the immense success of Detective Conan, Aoyama released the first spin-off manga, Case Closed: The Culprit Hanzawa, on May 25, 2017. Two more spin-off mangas, Case Closed: Zero’s Tea Time and Detective Conan: Police Academy Arc released in 2018 and 2020 respectively. It was speculated earlier that Aoyama was planning to release a fourth spin-off manga but so far, the author hasn’t confirmed his plans. Similarly, he is yet to elaborate on his decade-old statement.

Gosho Aoyama Has Planned The Ending Of Detective Conan

In 2007, after the enormously successful manga completed thirteen years, in an interview, Aoyama claimed that he had penned down Detective Conan’s ending. He also mentioned that he didn’t want to bid the manga goodbye just yet and proceeded to continue releasing hand-drawn fresh chapters. But he soon altered his approach and let his team digitalize the manga.

It has been over a decade since Aoyama hinted at a possible culmination of the manga but is yet to release a follow-up statement. Ever since his announcement, fans have been overtly compelled to read the manga and gauge a possible concluding arc. However, with each passing chapter, Aoyama imbibes intrigue and mystery into the manga that is as engrossing as its inspiration.

The Inspiration Behind The Detective Conan Manga

So far, Aoyama’s Detective Conan has been assembled in 103 volumes and a new one stands on the verge of being published. While discussing the developmental stages of the manga and relishing its success, Aoyama revealed his inspiration. He mentioned that the likes of quintessential detectives such as Sherlock Holmes and Arsène Lupin serve as the inspiration for the manga. He also credited Akira Kurosawa’s action-packed samurai films as the foundation of Detective Conan.

When Aoyama began conjuring the manga, he aspired to deliver a high-octane adventurous detective-oriented tale. Though he didn’t aim to compete with Holmes’ legacy, he was certainly ambitious to chronicle a similar franchise. He succeeded in doing so by releasing the manga in several translations and supporting the release of several video games, live-action dramas, animes and CDs. Aoyama’s vision has now transformed into a manga franchise that boasts over 2 million copies in circulation to date, online imprints aside.

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From Detective Conan To Case Closed

After Funimation licensed Gosho Aoyama’s Detective Conan, the streaming service transformed it into Case Closed to combat the legal issues that arose in the early 2000s. Not only Funimation had to adapt Aoyama’s Detective Conan into Case Closed, but it also had to reorient the characters’ names. Weekly Shōnen Sunday still refers to Gosho’s detective saga as Detective Conan. Yet, all the English publication sites, including Funimation and Viz Media refer to it as Case Closed to avoid any legal clashes.

Due to this transformation, fans were initially left flabbergasted in the absence of concrete confirmations. But slowly, fans got accustomed to Detective Conan being Case Closed and the protagonist, Shinichi Kudo being Jimmy Kudo.

Detective Conan Manga Overview

The manga follows Shinichi “Jimmy” Kudo, a high school student with a knack for spying and solving intriguing mysteries. Kudo invests most of his time in watching and reading crime suspense stories. Due to this affixion, Kudo joins forces with the local police and starts tagging along with the officers. A student by day and spy by evening, Shinichi soon gets weary of solving uninteresting cases and resorts to accompanying the officers on high-profile cases. During one such investigation, Kudo is abducted by a masked criminal, who identifies himself as a member of the  Black Organization, a deadly crime syndicate.

The kidnapper then injects Shinichi with a drug to murder him, without leaving any plausible evidence. However, instead of dying, Kudo undergoes a transformation that renders his body shrunk to the size of an elementary school kid. Due to the same, Shinichi adopts a different identity and tries to brush off the run-of-the-mill event. He starts fresh as Conan Edogawa, a supposed elementary school kid with high intellect and endurance.

Kudo, as Conan, continues solving cases with the help of his new friends and later names their clan as Junior Detective League. However, despite the newfound normalcy, Conan struggles to wipe away the remnants of his past and often finds himself wondering about the Black Organization. As he embarks on a mission to unveil the Black Organization, Conan encounters Anita Hailey, the creator of the potion that threw his life off kilter.

Detective Conan Chapter 1117 Plot

After stumbling upon Hailey, Conan deduces that she, too, came across the side-effects of the potion and has transformed into an elementary school kid. His intrigue fuels his research on the Black Organization, which threatens his relationship with his childhood friend, Rachel Moore (Ran Mori in Japanese mangas). Conan starts to feel obliged to protect Rachel and her father, Richard, who is a private detective and his mentor. 

Through the course of a hundred volumes, Conan and Rachel have managed to glue together several pieces of the puzzle that is the Black Organization. However, the picture is still grainy and the leader of the organization is still camouflaged. Amid the process of unveiling the organization and fending off injustice, Rachel and Conan have become a sort of team.

In the previous chapter, the duo embarked on a journey towards Mount Fuji, with their teammates, Heiji and Shiho. Detective Conan Chapter 1117 is set to lead Conan towards attaining a few more pieces of evidence against the Black Organization. It will be drenched in adventure, action and suspense.

Detective Conan Chapter 1117 Release Date: FAQs

1. What Is The Detective Conan Mangs About?

It is a spy thriller manga centred around Shinichi “Jimmy” Kudo, a detective who revels in solving high-profile cases.

2. Who Is The Author Of The Detective Conan Manga?

The manga is written and illustrated by Gosho Aoyama.

3. Is The Detective Conan Manga Adapted From A Novel?

No, the Detective Conan manga is not adapted from a novel.

4. Is Detective Conan Chapter 1117 Release Date Confirmed?

Yes, it is confirmed.

5. When Will Detective Conan Chapter 1117 Release?

Detective Conan Chapter 1117 is scheduled to be released on August 30, 2023.

6. Where To Read Detective Conan Chapter 1117 Online?

You can read it on Viz Media, in Japanese and English translations.

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