The Top Couple Is A Bit Sweet Chapter 22 Release Date: Recap, Spoilers, And Reading Platform

When you are part of the entertainment industry, there will be times when you have to do certain things. In order to take your value to the next level, you have to adapt to change. Sometimes, when you see that your career might get good, you have to marry someone. You will have to show the world your marriage for both of your careers’ good. This is exactly the storyline of the manga The Top Couple Is A Bit Sweet Chapter 22.

The story revolves around Wen Li and Song Yan. The duo is a part of the glamour world. Both of them have had a golden time with both of their own careers. But you already know, nothing remains the same forever. When their careers were at stake, Wen Li and Song Yan signed a contract with each other. Under that contract, they remained together as a couple.

Fans are getting quite fond of this new manga. Now, they want to know about the possibility of a new chapter. So, what is the release date of The Top Couple Is A Bit Sweet Chapter 22? If you are here to know, take your time and read our article here.

The Top Couple Is A Bit Sweet Chapter 22 Release Date: Everything We Know

Mangas from the romance and fantasy genre always captivate us. But one of their downsides includes the same old storylines. This time, the creators have decided to put forward a fresh and new story. In The Top Couple Is A Bit Sweet, two icons from the entertainment industry have got married. Their marriage is not real and mainly they want to take their lives to the next level. As they start to gain more spotlight, the duo also faces a lot of things. Good surprises and bad surprises, both start to come in their way. Now, people are curious about the next chapter of this manga.

Till now, creators have released 21 chapters. This is a new manga and Otakus have shown their love. So, are we getting something new? What is The Top Couple Is A Bit Sweet Chapter 22 release date? Well, we do have good news for all of you. A new sequel is coming way sooner than you think. The Top Couple Is A Bit Sweet Chapter 22 release date is 23rd August 2023 in the United States. Indian fans will also get it on Wednesday. This release date remains the same for all parts of the world including Japan, Korea, and Australia. Before the new chapter comes, let us take a look back at what we have read till now. Let us get started.

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The Top Couple Is A Bit Sweet: The Unexpected Love Story

As you just read before, Wen Li and Song Yan are two of the most loved artists in entertainment. Fans love them for their beauty, charisma, and skills. But both of them reach a certain stage where they want their careers to reignite. So, Wen Li and Song Yan get married – this is actually a fake relationship. They will fake their marriage just for the sake of each of their careers. Both of them agreed to sign a contract for this relationship by discussing terms and conditions.

Shipping people together has been a part of the fandoms. Whenever we find two of our favorite celebrities looking good together, we start to ship them. We want them to end up with one another. But in this manga, some fans also regret Li and Yan’s marriage. They don’t understand that the two of them married just to win the couple’s variety show. This upcoming platform will be on national television, and if Li and Yang manage to win this, their careers will fly again.

Now, the real twist comes here. As they start to participate in recording sessions for this tv show, the couple gets surprised. Both of them could understand that they have probably started to fall for each other. To know what ultimately happens to Wen Li and Song Yan, you have to read The Top Couple Is A Bit Sweet manga.

Recap of Chapter 21: What Can We See In The Next Chapter And Where To Read It?

As the new chapters take the plot forward, we get to see new turns in Li and Yan’s relationship. In the last chapter, we witnessed an ongoing drama regarding a charity show. Wen Li and Song Yan have participated in it along with other famous couples from the industry. Now, for some reason, we see Song Yan talking with Wen Li’s uncle. Her uncle appreciates Song Yan’s works and efforts in the initial phase. Song Yan also treats the man with enough respect. But later on, they start to have a war or words. Her uncle, Mr. Wen warns Song Yan to stay out of family matters. 

But Yan assured him and told him that he is just there to protect his wife. On the other hand, Wen Li has fallen in a false position. She by chance spotted Lu Ming with a new actress in this event. Although she was with Song Yan all this time, Lu Ming’s wife starts to accuse her. She meets Wen Li in the washroom and starts to abuse and criticize her badly. In the next chapter, we will see Wen Li proving her wrong. On the other hand, readers will be able to see more conversations between Mr. Wen and Song Yan. To see all of this, we have to wait till The Top Couple Is A Bit Sweet Chapter 22 release date. You can read the manga on Kuaikan by clicking here.

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