A Second Chance At Saving You Chapter 19 Release Date: Spoilers, Recap And More!

The fantasy stories we read about royal weddings are usually filled with grandiose. I mean, when we were in our childhood, we have read tons of fantasy stories of a prince and princess. They meet in a magical place and as days pass, they fall in love and get married. This is how we have always seen such romance stories go. But in this manga, the princess regrets her marriage. She regrets how she ignored her lover when she still had the chance to be with him. So she intentionally kills herself and goes back in time. A Second Chance At Saving You tells a fresh romance fantasy story.

Princess Niobe Rhodon is all set to marry to Prince Valon Belfeste. She is the member of the prestigious Rhodon Family – her followers and family members call her their Blue Rose. On the other hand, Prince Valon was going to become the emperor soon. He was determined to sit on the throne with Niobe by his side as his queen. The marriage was already approaching until one day Niobe was shaken. She came to know that Valon’s General, Elroy Kir loved her dearly. He presents his heart to Niobe. But under unfortunate circumstances, Niobe had to marry Valon. With twists and turns of events, one day unknowingly, Niobe exposes Elroy. Emperor Valon kills him immediately.

Princess Niobe willingly takes her life. She wishes to undo some bloody events and prays to the Gods. She gets back to her past life again. The fans are pretty much excited about this manga. As of now, we have got only 18 chapters. So, what is the release date of A Second Chance At Saving You Chapter 19? Is it soon? Or is the manga going for a hiatus? Let us find out.

A Second Chance At Saving You Chapter 19 Release Date: Let’s Find Out

Whenever fantasy romanse mangas have been released, the creators have noticed an initial excitement from the fans. But it quickly dies down because usually this genre is kind of boring in the long run. Of course, mangas have pretty beautiful romances, the scenes are quite sweet. But if the storyline is not gripping, people does not like to read the manga after some chapters. But, this is not the case of A Second Chance At Saving You. The manga has an interesting plot. We get to see our protagonist time travel in order to change the course of her life. After 18 chapters, fans are slowly getting intrigued. So, what is the A Second Chance At Saving You Chapter 19 release date? When is the next chapter coming out?

If you are an otaku and you want to know about this, let me answer you. The release date of A Second Chance At Saving You Chapter 19 is 16th August 2023 in Japan and Korea. For the rest, the release date is August 15. The rest of the time zones will all get the manga on 15th August, Tuesday. The creators are pretty happy after the huge response from the fans. Just 18 chapters have been released till date. But anime and manga forums have loved every bit of the story that this manga is telling us. Before the release date of Chapter 19 comes, let us take a look at what has happened till date.


A Second Chance At Saving You: The Story Of Niobe And Elroy

So, you already know how excited Princess Niobe felt when she knew about her lover. Elroy was one of the best generals of the empire – he was brave, had a great personality and a good heart. Niobe was ready to break free from the proposed marriage with Valon. She was also captivated by the charm of Elroy. Everything was going great until the war arrived. Elroy had to attend the army and Niobe was left all alone. She gave up all hopes and married the Crown Prince. Now, her days of suffering was just getting started. Niobe did not know how bad Valon was.

When Valon got the throne, he did his best to show who he really is. He killed off anyone and butchered every one who stood in his way or criticised his royal state. The bloodshed was extremely increasing as days passed. Niobe came to know about this and Elroy assured her. He was determined to start a revolution and end Valon’s miserable rule. But one day, Valon murdered Elroy in front of Niobe. Losing her lover this way, she couldn’t handle the grief and ended her life. With God’s help, her life was rewinded back to day when Elroy proposed her. Niobe will not hold back now. But when it comes to choosing one between her people and her love, it gets tougher with time.

Recap Of The Manga: What Can We See In Chapter 19?

As of now, Niobe has been very careful with everything she is doing. Her main goal is to undo the blood Emperor Valon has shed under his rule. With the help of Elroy, Niobe saves Calisto. Calisto almost got murdered by one of Valon’s men. But in the right moment of time, Elroy was the one to rescue Calisto. When people started to know about this, they started to suspect Valon. After this, the emperor was forced to kill his own men just to stay clean.

In A Second Chance At Saving You Chapter 19, we might see Valon getting a bit more exposed. Niobe will do her best to be the Temple Priestess and leave the cruel Emperor. Will she able to do so? To know more about this, you will have to read this manga. To read it on Naver Series, click here.