Infinite Mage Chapter 44 Release Date, Time, Where To Read, Plot, Spoilers

Manhwa series has always been the most loved and watched series after the anime. This time, the series we are back with is something extraordinary and exciting equally. The series shows the interesting magic skills and calculation tricks of the professor and their students.

It follows the adventurous and magical life of a young boy, who uses his skills to protect the world from the dangerous chaos that is on the way to threaten the people of the world. the series we are talking about and will be the topic of discussion today is “Infinite Mage”. This series is a complete blend of fantasies and magic, making it the best read for the fans.

If you too are interested in more of it, let’s move ahead and see what all the series covers so far.

Infinite Mage Chapter 44 Release Date

Chapter 44 of the series ” Infinite Mage”, is set to be released for its fans on August 1, 2023. This chapter is sure to make the fans excited and thrilled about the storyline. The story of this chapter will be quite different and with extra spices added to its story. The series is the most awaited by the fans, as they are touched by the plot and feel this is the best magical and fantasy manhwa stories they have real till now. 

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What Are The Last Chapters About?

In last chapter 43, the professor of Ji-hoon, a trained magician is seen teaching them magical tricks in their magic classes. The children in the room got quite excited about the fact that they will be getting to learn new techniques, of the Kotodama magic.

Along with the magical tricks and techniques, professor Ethella teaches students a new method for doing the calculation so quickly and very easily. To show her magical demonstrations, a senior passing out child was called to show off his magical powers and give a demonstration to the students.

Sanuel was the boy called off for showing the magic, he said the Kotodama magic they are going to learn has a strong relation with the spells of words. If you know the words well. you can easily be the master of the magic and guess what the children very sharply manage to lea the spell so that they can use it in the magic.

After showing the other magic tricks, Sanuel left the students awe-struck with his magical power, and when Ethella said, he has learned this magic not mentioned in the curriculum for his benefit. This made the students even go more amazed and excited to know and learn about it further. 

At the end of the last chapter, Etheela taught children new calculations, and techniques to increase their concentration and make them eagerly hear of the magical powers and implement them in their life. The teacher renewed the journey of students to learn something new out of their curriculum. The last chapter ended with some cliffhangers that are expected to be unfolded in the upcoming chapter 44. 

Expected Plot Of Chapter 44

The series “Infinite Mage”, generally takes into account the life and magic tricks and powers of the young boy Ji-hoon, who is associated with various magical powers. He is on the journey to unlock many unknown truths about his past and the reality of how he gained so many powers.

But, soon he is seen surrounded by many alliances, and this Ji-hoon, forms allies with other people and fights against them, and gets victory over evil. He decided to unfold other truths about the demons, going to enter the world and cause a nuisance in the world and the life of humans. 

From the last chapters, the various unfolded truths will be answered and revealed in the new upcoming chapters of the series. This made the earlier chapters an attractive piece to read for the fans, but this will be even better to be read by the fans. 


The new chapter 44, of the series “Infinite Mage”, is all set and ready to be released among its fans and to learn about the new magical powers, mysteries, and other threats and twists and turns in the series plot. Further in this chapter, Ji-hoon, and Ethela’s other magical powers and tricks will be unfolded in the chapters further. Stay Tuned! You can read it on Tapas

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