Is Maamannan Based On A True Story? News From The Director!

In a huge country like India, we have several political histories from different states. Sometimes we get to know about them from our history books, and sometimes we remain aloof from them. The notable regional incidents are always found in the books of history, but what about the ones that are not notable? Will we not get to know about them? Yes, we will because these stories are brought forward to us by the directors and the producers of movies and series. In today’s article, we are going to know about the story that went behind the formation of the recent Tamil language film Maamannan. To know more, you will have to read this piece of information. 

Is Maamannan Based On A True Story?

The film Maamannan is a recent Tamil language film as has been already mentioned above. This film was released on 29th June 2023 in the theatres. People who have watched the film are constantly asking if it is based on a true story or not. Is the film indeed based on a true story? In this article, we have provided the answers that you are seeking. To know more, you will have to continue your reading. 

As per the interviews of the director of Maamannan, Mari Selvaraj (the director of the film) has revealed some unknown facts about it. He said that the film was always in his mind, and he was waiting for the correct time to pen down his thoughts. It has been stated by him that it is an unusual film, and he was quite sceptical about it at the beginning. He did not know if the film would work for the actors, but when Udhayanidhi Stalin agreed to work on it, his thoughts about Maamannan took a 180° turn. 

Selvaraj stated in his interview that Maamannan is based on a true story that happened. The incident happened exactly 15 days after the release of the first film, Paraiyerum Peruman, of Selevaraj. The exact true incident has not been revealed by the director because he feared that revealing the incident will be a spoiler for the film. Hence, we have got the news that Mari Selvaraj’s film Maamannan is indeed based on a true story. However, the director did not want to reveal the true incident because of the aforementioned reason. Perhaps he is going to reveal the story in his later interviews. 

The Storyline of Maamannan

Maamannan is having an interesting storyline. The trailer of the movie reveals that the storyline of the film is quite tense. As the introduction of this piece has already revealed, the film is about an intensely political issue that Selvaraj has been a witness to. The film deals with political issues which are crucial to the state of Tamil Nadu. We know that politics can strain our relationships with others. This movie is a representation of that. The power and ambitions that go behind attaining a political position have been dealt with interestingly in the film. 

In the movie Maamannan we are made to come across not only several political issues but also social problems that these issues give rise to. It has been termed a “political thriller” film. The entire storyline of the cinema revolves around politics that have resulted in a strained relationship between the politicians and the common people. Common people are the ones who are most affected whenever there is a political disruption. This film is an exact representation of that scenario. 

In the film, Maamannan is an MLA. He has achieved his position after a lot of hard work and dedication. As he has achieved his position, he does not want to miss out on it for sure. However, his position has given rise to problems between him and his son Veera. They need to sort out the differences otherwise the common people are going to be affected. Political and personal relationships get mixed in this film. Every element in the film makes it interesting to watch. 

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Maamannan Part 2

As of now, the creators have not stated anything about a sequel to the movie. If a sequel is bound to be made, the creators of Maamannan are probably going to make an announcement about it soon. Since no announcement regarding a second part has been made as of now, nothing can be stated with utmost surety. 

Maamannan Behind The Scenes: Cast And Crew

The movie has been directed by none other than Mari Selvaraj. The producer of the film is none other than the famous Udhayanidhi Stalin.

The cast members of the film include Udhayanidhi Stalin, Fahadh Faasil, Vadivelu, the famous Keerthy Sureshm Azhagam Perumal, Lal, Sunil Reddy, Vijayakumar, Geetha Kailasam, Ramakrishnan, and Raveena Ravi. 

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