Five Star Chef Episode 7 Release Date: Let’s Find Out

Whether you are into cooking or not, you must have heard about MasterChef, right? The contest where a huge group of chefs compete among themselves. Only the best in class gets selected and they have to fight their way to the top. Celebrity chefs like Gordon Ramsey, Jamie Oliver, Graham Elliott or even Sanjeev Kapoor are invited as hosts and judges. But today we won’t be talking about MasterChef here.

There’s a similar competitive show called Five Star Chef. Here also, the contestants will have to fight hard for taking home their much-wanted prize. Although Masterchef is the most famous show in the world, this recently started cooking show is not here to fall behind. From the day of its arrival on Netflix, it has started becoming quite a name in the star-studded galleries of culinary industry. So, people have started asking about the possibilities of episode 7. Is there any release date of another episode?

You might also have the same queries in your mind. So, without further delay, let us dive into the topic. We are going to talk about it and inspect every aspect. Please take your time and read this article below.

Five Star Chef Episode 7 Release Date: When Are We Getting It

On 14th July 2023, Netflix users got a new cooking series, Five Star Chef. Just after it’s release, the audiences have showed their interest – all the episodes that the creators have released has got incredible responses from viewers all around the world. Till date, you will see that there are a total of six episodes of Five Star Chef. Every episode has an average length of 44 to 45 minutes. But what about a seventh episode? What can be the release date of episode 7?

As I said before, the contest-show Five Star Chef has come to us with only six episodes. If you have already watched the first season, you will know that there is no story to base upon. This is a competition where we see chef’s performing on something and their skills are getting judged. It’s like reality shows you get to watch on your televisions. Every episode is just a new step for them to reach their goal, and a new step towards the final showdown. And, let me tell you, yes – we have had the final one.

Five Star Chef Episodes 5 and 6 are the semifinal and final rounds of the competition. That means, that they are considered as the penultimate and ultimate episodes of the first season. So, unlike other shows which have a ‘story’, there is nothing is left for the audience after the last episode. Episode 7 will not be released. Episode 6 is the final episode. Now, whether we will have a second instalment or not, that is not yet decided. The studio and producers will decide only after looking at how much love they receive from the viewers.

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Five Star Chef: What’s There On The Plate For Us

Just like other popular cooking shows that is available for the American Tv, you might think that oh, this is just another cooking show. It’s just a cheap knock off of MasterChef. But hold on, there’s actually a lot of differences in ideas and all of them are quite fresh. On Five Star Chef, you would not see judges interacting with our contestants and going over their counters, which at times, become difficult to handle. Useless dramatic moments, like countdowns and zoomed in exposures of faces are not here. And yeah, there’s no place for luck.

The contest is about a total of 14 people who are chefs in their different worlds. From them, seven gets deducted in the first time. The remaining people have to advance with their skills, with their creativity and sometimes, their common sense. Every one of our chefs, Lara, Jordan, amazes us with their artistic side. Some stresses on the grandiose regarding a cuisine, some of them likes to put forward their performance while to some, perfection in plating is important.

As we go through further eliminations, we get to see different challenges and unexpected face-offs. The chefs keep doing their best to impress the judges – Mike Reid, Michael Roux and Ravneet Gill keeps testing the contestants. The winner will be awarded with the position of the Head Chef in The Langham’s Palm Court restaurant. But who manages to make it to the top? Which chef takes home the honour? To know more, please watch this show on Netflix.

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