Is Samurai X Based On A True Story?

If you are an avid reader who likes to know about history, you might have heard about samurais. They were the noble warriors of Medieval Japan, who used to provide military services to their motherland. Their skills and bravery against invaders along with their unique combat technique, made them worth remembering as powerful soldiers of Japan.

The anime Samurai X or Ruroni Kenshin – Meiji Kenkaku Roman Tan takes us back to that period of Japan where armour-worn sword-wielding soldiers were roaming around as military officials. Here, we get to explore the life of such a samurai, Himura Kenshin. But is the anime Samurai X based on a true story? Is there any history behind the plot?

If you are here to find an answer to that question, stay with us for some time more. We have gathered info regarding this. So, please feel free to read this article below.

Is Samurai X Based On A True Story? How Is It Connected To Reality?

The anime Samurai X is a much famous show which even has a manga in the same name. It essentially revolves around a warrior from medieval Japan called Himura Kenshin. In the anime, he is a powerful samurai with great prowess. He was a military official who served the Government of Japan. This was much before Japan was made accessible to the rest of the world. But who was Himura in real life? Is the anime Samurai X based on a true story?

To tell you the answer to your question, yes. Samurai X maybe a creative work of fiction based on its manga. But the anime is indeed based on a true story. Our main character Himura Kenshin is a lot like Kawakami Gensai, who was indeed, a real-life samurai. But unlike our character, Gensai was never the superhero who went around saving people. He didn’t take a stand against the higher authorities like our protagonist did on multiple occasions. Gensai did not even have that much assassinations under his name. Due to his unrestricted urge for knowledge in western science, the authorities caught and executed Gensai.

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Apart from being a janitor, Kawakami Gensai was a trained soldier and an expert swordsman. This assassin was a significant name among the four other samurais who were notable in the Meiji Period of medieval Japan. Gensai was given the task to eliminate Sakuma Shozan- he was an impostor who conspired with some of the Japanese imperialists to establish trade relations with the West. Although he was only known for just one assassination, Gensai had one of the fastest hands when it came to swinging swords. He could take anyone out within a matter of seconds in any place, anytime.

Samurai X: Plot Details And More About Himura Kenshin

Rurouni Kenshin: Meiji Swordsman Romantic Story or more popularly, Samurai X takes us back to the Edo period of Japan. We are talking about the time when Japan was under the grip of Emperors. Although the power was centralised, loyal servants called Shoguns used to look after different parts of the country. Apart from their power, Shoguns were the political and military heads who actually ran the nation. Under their rule, a lot of bad things happened to the common people of Japan.

The story revolves around our hero, Himura Kenshin. The red-haired protagonist is not only a skilled swordsman, but also empathetic towards people. He used to hang around in the suburban areas or country sides where he helped the poor. Kenshin was born just after the Meiji era had started to take place. Although he was a skilled soldier, he was instrumental in waging a war, but in the end, he chose a less violent way. He already had a dark past behind him. After he walked away from the battle, a female soldier named Kamiya Kaoru. They meet each other after Kenshin makes his way to Tokyo.

But no matter which way he adopted, Kenshin’s name as a master swordsman attracted a lot of warriors. Since he befriended Kamiya, she not only helped him in his fight against other people, but also his war against his inner demons. Apart from being a Kendo Master, Kamiya is also a fighter and a doctor. As a duo, they began to gain more friends with due time. She even lets Kenshin stay in her dojo, and the two starts to develop a golden bond which will warm your heart. How far does their story take them? To know more, you have to watch this legendary masterpiece.

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