Is Barracuda Queens Based On A True Story?: That Truth That You Must Know

Stories that revolve around a group of friends never disappoint. Do they? In my opinion, I do not think so. Recently Netflix has come up with a thrilling show about a friend group that you are going to love. The show is titled Barracuda Queens. From the name itself, you can probably understand that the show is about a group of girls and surrounds their dramatic lives. However, this story has several twists and turns to it. Many have asked if the show is based on true life events or not. Well, to get answers, scroll down and read!

Is Barracuda Queens Based On A True Story?

Barracuda Queens got recently released on 5th June 2023. It is the latest show where humour is mixed with criminal events. Stop your thinking right there. Murder is not the only criminal incident that can happen if you are thinking about it. Here the criminal incidents include burglary that too for a funny reason. We all love money because we know that without money the world is nothing. We also want to live luxurious lives, but how can we do so without money?

The story of Barracuda Queens revolves around these incidents. The show includes a group of five teenage girlfriends who live lavish and opulent lifestyles. Not only do they party all night long but they also excel in their academics. I do not know how exactly that is possible, but it is possible for the Barracuda Queens. Initially, the group only consisted of Mia, Frida, Lollo, and Klara. Amina is a later inclusion in the group. All these five teenage girls decide to rob their neighbours because they are unable to pay their bills.

Now the question is if the story is based on real-life incidents. The series is based on certain true incidents. Yes, it is a fictionalized account of certain real-life happenings of similar scenarios. However, nothing much about the real-life incidents is known. It has only been confirmed by Netflix that the show is ‘loosely based’ on true incidents. Nothing further is elaborated on this topic. Perhaps, as the show gains more popularity, more stories about it will unfold. However, as of now, it can be concluded that even if the series is not completely based on real-life events, it has loose connections to them.

Barracuda Queens Season 2: What Is The Latest News?

Let us talk about if Barracuda Queens will receive a second season. We should list down the possibilities that are available to us as of now.

Firstly, Barracuda Queens is the latest Netflix series. Before thinking about season 2 of the show, we will have to watch the first season and show our support for the new season. Set in Sweden, the story of Barracuda Queens gets interesting in each episode as we proceed with the series. Hence, we should first watch the series and judge it ourselves if there is a requirement for season 2.

Secondly, since the show is an extremely recent release, nothing can be said with surety as of now. The creators dropped all the episodes of the series on 5th June 2023. If they want to come up with a second season, they will have to keep a close watch on the reviews and ratings of the first season of the show. Netflix does not take a long time if they have to announce anything about any of their shows. Therefore, we expecting word either about the renewal or cancellation of Barracuda Queens soon. We are hoping that the series will be renewed.

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Barracuda Queens Cast And Crew

The cast of Barracuda Queens includes Sarah Gustafsson, Alva Bratt, Sandra Zubovic, Newcomer Tindra, Tea Stjarne, Izabella Scorupco, Carsten Bjornlund, Max Ulveson, Mirja Turestedt, Johannes Kuhnke, Michaela Thorsen, Gino Estera, Meliz Kargle, Christian Fandango, and Hannes Alin.

The show has been directed by none other than Amanda Adolfsson. Barracuda Queens has been written by Tove Forsman, Camilla Ahlgren, Veronica Zacco, and Sofie Forsman. The producers of the series have been Sofia Lindberg, Frida Asp, and Fatima Varhos. It has been licensed by none other than the famous OTT platform Netflix.

Barracuda Queens Episodes, Trailer And Streaming Platform

The series Barracuda Queens has received 6 episodes in total. Each episode is having a duration of 30-35 minutes. It is a short series that you can binge-watch.

The trailer for Barracuda Queens has been given above. You can click on the link to view if you already have not.

The show is streaming currently on Netflix. You can watch the show there if you have a subscription to the platform.

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