Is The Curious Case Of Natalia Grace Based On A True Story?  

Natalia Grace Barnett is back on our radar. A brand new thriller documentary is currently streaming on Discovery+ and we can’t wait to discuss it all with you. The Curious Case of Natalia Grace is finally here. For months, we have been waiting for this intriguing documentary and now that it has been released, we can’t stop gossiping about it. It is indeed one of the most-awaited docuseries out there. After a long time, we are hearing again about this particular case! When Natalia’s case was first revealed to us, we as well were highly shocked and curious to learn more about this young girl. So let’s not push any further and dive straight into the main discussion of the day. 

Is The Curious Case Of Natalia Grace Based On A True Story?  

Is The Curious Case Of Natalia Grace Based On A True Story?  

The recently released docuseries, which is now available on Discovery+ and Max, is 100 percent true! This story dates back to April 2010, that’s when it all started. A couple originally from Florida, named Michael and Kristine Barnett decided to adopt a dwarf girl! Thus Natalia Grace becomes Natalia Grace Barnett! A few sources confirmed that before this adoption happened, she was seen as an orphan from Ukraine! 

The couple adopted the child in a hurry and weren’t aware of Natalia’s actual age! And, thus the court case begins. The couple thought that back in 2010, Natalia was just a mere girl of 6 years old! But soon, they realized that Natalia is much more than what she appeared to be. Deep studies and tests revealed that Natalia is one among those who have spondyloepiphyseal. Don’t let the complicated medical term confuse you, it’s just a type of dwarfism where an adult appears to be shorter in size. 

But the triggering point wasn’t her medical condition, according to the Barnett family, Natalia was pretty much aggressive and violent with them. The family already had three sons and was highly concerned about their protection. A few sources revealed that Natalia had also tried to harm the family physically! The couple still stands with their statements! According to them, Natalia might look like any other innocent girl but in reality, she is nothing but a sociopath!

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Serious Charges Were Pressed Against The Barnett’s!

Is The Curious Case Of Natalia Grace Based On A True Story?  

In the year 2012, the couple tried to change Natalia’s birth date! They filed a petition with the Marion County Probate Court, where they asked the authorities to change her date of birth from 2003 to 1989. But unfortunately, everything backfired badly on them. Just a year later, the family shifted to Canada and decided to abandon Natalia mid-way! She was left all alone in America! Sources revealed that she was found in a rental apartment in Lafayette, Indiana. The couple eventually got separated but they couldn’t run off from Natalia and all the legal claims which were later imposed on them.

In September 2019, they were again dragged to the courtroom. Being their adoptive child, Natalia had every right to live with them. In fact, in her trial, she even stated that no matter what she was determined to live with the Barnett’s. A bunch of legal claims of neglect was imposed. But surprisingly, the whole court case was wiped off under the carpet! Michael was found not guilty and Kristine too didn’t have to appear for her scheduled trial! Interestingly, a decision was made in the courtroom but due to super-high confidentiality, the final statement was never revealed to the public. 

Was Natalia Grace Truly A Sociopath?

The couple who originally adopted her surely thinks that she is a sociopath! But the family who took great care of Natalia had different points of view. Eventually, Natalia became a part of Antwon and Cynthia Mans’ family! With this particular family, Natalia has been really nice and warm! The couple themselves said that she is a kind human being and has never bothered them in any manner. Moreover, Natalia is also very friendly with her other siblings and nephew. One among the two families is surely lying and to know the ultimate truth, you have to watch all the episodes of The Curious Case of Natalia Grace! That’s all for the time being, to learn more about intriguing docuseries, stay connected with us just right here. 

Is The Curious Case Of Natalia Grace Based On A True Story? – FAQs

1. Is Natalia Grace a dwarf?

Yes, Natalia Grace is a dwarf.

2. Is Natalia Grace originally from Ukraine?

A few sources claimed that Natalia is originally from Ukraine, but a few rumors say it was a false information!

3. Was Natalia Grace aggressive with the Barnett family?

It hasn’t been confirmed by any other third party, but Michael Barnett did make a statement about Natalia’s aggressive behavior.

4. Was Natalia Grace abandoned by the Barnett family?

Yes, Natalia Grace was indeed abandoned by the Barnett family.

5. Are Michael and Kristine still together?

No, Michael and Kristine Barnett are no longer together.

6. Is Natalia Grace’s current foster parents happy with her?

Yes, Antwon and Cynthia Mans are very happy to have Natalia in their lives.

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