Is The Boogeyman Movie Based On A True Story? Exploring The Inspiration Behind This Spooky Film!

Loss changes you and it isn’t an exaggeration but a bitter truth we all have to face at some point in our life. This time, it is Sadie (Sophie Thatcher) and Sawyer (Vivien Lyra Blair) Harper who are dealing with a profound loss. We all deal with grief differently, Sadie and Sawyer do, too. Their grieving process is disrupted by a stranger, who unknowingly drags a boogeyman to their doorstep. Now, they are left to handle their relationships, torn hearts and a threat that might as well lead them to their graves early.

The level of spookiness The Boogeyman is bringing with it has certainly enthralled fans. The grim setting, the intense characters and the slowly developing plot set the grounds for The Boogeyman. But before its arrival, many fans are left wondering whether The Boogeyman is based on a true story. If you are one of those, look no further!

Is The Boogeyman Movie Based On A True Story?

Directed by Rob Savage, The Boogeyman is a promising horror thriller revolving around the Harper sister, Sadie and Sawyer. The two of them are like the sun and the moon, completely opposite each other. Their circumstances challenge their relationship–which is not deteriorating by the way–and the way they deal with a ghost that only surfaces within darkness. Sawyer, the little sister has nyctophobia, while Sadie is a curious kitten who isn’t afraid of darkness.

The production for The Boogeyman began in 2022 with Scott Beck, Bryan Woods and Mark Heyman serving as scriptwriters. The Boogeyman is scheduled to hit theatres on June 2, 2023. And no, The Boogeyman isn’t based on a true story.

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What Is The Boogeyman Movie About?

Is The Boogeyman Movie Based On A True Story?

It is a horror thriller centred around the Harper family especially the two sisters, Sadie and Sawyer. Their father, Will Harper (Chris Messina) is a psychiatrist but even he is unable to help his family overcome the loss of his now-dead wife. The Harper family is trying to step out of their grief and get back to their previous life but their efforts are crushed by a stranger, Lester Billings (David Dastmalchian), who tries to seek Will’s help. He claims that his three kids are cruelly slain by The Boogeyman.

Billings’ claims prove to be true when both Sawyer and Sadie discover that The Boogeyman is now residing in their home and is out for blood. The Boogeyman’s strength is darkness and Sawyer’s weakness, too. He won’t stop using this to his advantage but Sadie is determined not to let him affect her family. She embarks on a journey to defeat The Boogeyman. 

It is too late for her to realize that the monster she is up against isn’t an easy opponent. Sadie cannot back down, especially not now that the Harper family have become an open target. The Boogeyman is Sadie and Sawyer’s journey to save themselves and their already fragile family.

The Boogeyman Movie Is Adapted From Stephen King’s Short Story

Be it a Literature nerd or a movie geek, Stephen King is a name no one is left unaware of. Be it The Night Flier or the Creepshow 2, King is known to craft some heart-wrenching and compelling stories. The Boogeyman is a short story penned by Stephen King which now serves as an inspiration for Rob Savage’s eponymous movie. Though the movie is yet to drop on our screens, the claims that Savage’s The Boogeyman doesn’t stick closely to King’s novel are flourishing.

Several people believe that the movie is loosely based on King’s novel and shouldn’t be considered a cinematic adaptation of his story. The major difference between Savage’s film and King’s novel is the focus on the protagonists. In the film, the entire weight falls on the Harper sisters while in King’s story, it is Billings who’s leading the show. We will be able to spot all the differences when The Boogeyman premieres on June 2, 2023.

Is The Boogeyman Movie Based On A True Story: FAQs

1. What Is The Boogeyman Movie About?

It is a horror thriller centred around two sisters, Sadie and Sawyer. They are forced to deal with a nameless monstrous ghost to save their family.

2. Is The Boogeyman Movie Based On A True Story?

No, The Boogeyman isn’t based on a true story.

3. What Is The Boogeyman Movie Based On?

The Boogeyman is inspired by Stephen King’s novel of the same name.

4. Is The Boogeyman Movie Worth Watching?

Since the movie is yet to be released, nothing can be said for sure. However, Savage’s film indeed appears savage!

5. Is A Trailer Available For The Boogeyman Movie?

Yes, there is a trailer available.

6. Where To Watch The Boogeyman Movie?

The Boogeyman is arriving in theatres on June 2, 2023. The OTT release date and platform are yet to be determined.

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