Is Inventing Anna Based On A True Story? Does The Elite German Heiress Exist?

Gone are the days of con artists using their charm to lure millennials because people have become smart these days. If you still believe this, you need a reality check and what better way to learn more about con artists than Netflix’s Inventing Anna? This limited series sheds light on an elite German heiress who tricked the millionaires into emptying their pockets with her coy smile and brilliant manipulation skills. This is your cliche tale of robbing the rich by pretending to be a person of power, someone of their own circle.

Netflix’s Inventing Anna chronicles the story of a Russian-born, Germain-raised heart-shaped heart-stopping beauty, Anna Devey. It walks us through the trap laid down by Anna to catch the bigger fish to fill her pocket. Wondering whether Inventing Anna is based on a true story? Whether the elite German heiress, Anna Devey exist? Here is your chance to find out the truth!

Is Inventing Anna Based On A True Story?

Is Inventing Anna Based On A True Story?

When I tell you that Anna scammed hundreds of people without getting caught, your first thought essentially would be it is a fiction tale. Your answer is partly right because Netflix’s Inventing Anna is indeed based on a true story. Manifested by New York Magazine’s well-renowned journalist, Jessica Pressler, Netflix’s Inventing Anna is based on the real-life of a con artist, Anna Delvey. It is inspired by Pressler’s 2018 article and lets the viewers glimpse behind the facade Anna wore.

However, there is a catch here. Inventing Anna is most definitely based on Anna’s life but it doesn’t stick wholly to her story. Pressler and her team members have tailored several characters and scenarios to fit into their perception of Anna’s story. While Delvey has signed her consent in exchange for a heavy lump sum amount from Netflix, she, too, has accepted that some of the scenes are fictionalized. Moreover, Inventing Anna commences with a disclaimer that confirms that the series is a blend of reality and fiction.

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The Real-Life Story Of Anna Delvey Turned Anna Sorokin

It’s all in the facade, the charm and the confidence, isn’t it? Anna’s greatest asset was–and still is–the faux charm she uses to lure people to her den. In 2017, a young German-accented Anna Sorokin took shelter in an expensive hotel in Soho. Anyone and everyone who met Anna was put off by her suave charm. She lured some, repulsed others and yet demanded attention even if she did something as simple as breathing. The elegance Anna pulled off, the dollars she shed as if they were mere papers led everyone to believe Anna was a born elite. She did introduce herself as a German heiress amid the process of launching a club that focused on art.

Eventually, her extravagant life caught up with her and her bills kept piling up which paved the way for Anna’s downfall. Anna tried her best to swim in the river of frauds she has filled up herself but her flailing arms could only support her for long. Anna Delvey turned Anna Sorokin was then arrested for fraudulence, robbery and forgery.

Where Is Anna Delvey Now?

Is Inventing Anna Based On A True Story?

Anna was convicted of the accusations and assigned a 4-year-long sentence. Delvey is a talented young woman who lured her sharp wit and manipulation skills to pose as an elite German heiress on a business trip. When asked about her take on this scam, Anna didn’t even feign guilt. Rather, she brashly claimed that she doesn’t feel sorry because she only demonstrated her talent

In the city of dreams, New York, Anna was yet another nameless, common girl who sought her dreams relentlessly. Her means of doing so was indeed fraudulent and doubt-worthy. Anna did what anyone with half of their brain cells working could–feign richness, weave her way through socialites and use their money to her advantage. Granted, not everyone is as talented as Anna Delvey is as demonstrated by the New York Magazine’s article and Netflix’s Inventing Anna.

Is Inventing Anna Based On A True Story: FAQs

1. What Is Inventing Anna Series About?

It is a tale of a seemingly common woman who came to New York to fulfil her dreams. She chose to rob people to supplement her extravagant life and watch her dreams come true.

2. Is Inventing Anna Based On A True Story?

Yes, it is based on a true story. However, some characters and scenarios are fictionalized.

3. Who Is Anna Delvey?

She is a Russian-born, German-raised con artist who robbed the elites of New York by pretending to be one.

4. Is Inventing Anna Worth Watching?

If you are looking for a quick yet juicy tale of a con artist, Inventing Anna is your best bet.

5. Is A Trailer Available For Inventing Anna?

Yes, there is a trailer available for Inventing Anna.

6. Where To Watch Inventing Anna?

You can stream this series on Netflix!

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