Is Bishop Briggs Gay? Has The Eclectic Pop Rockstar Revealed Anything?

The Masked Singer Season 9 winner, Bishop Briggs aka Medusa is an eclectic personality, isn’t she? Her fiery swagger vibrant dressing style and the emotional aspect of her personality have paved the way for Briggs to earn millions of followers. Bishop Briggs is just her on-stage persona with her real name being Sarah Grace McLaughlin. When Briggs performed in a Karaoke bar when she was a mere toddler, no one knew that this little girl would grow up to be one of the most popular singers and songwriters–aside from Briggs herself. It was that karaoke that motivated Sarah to step up and claim her position as a leading singer.

However, her electric personality hasn’t only opened up doors of success for her. Her casual dressing style, shaved skull and delectable tattoos have led to rumours regarding Bishop Briggs being gay surface. How accurate are those rumours? It’s time you find out!

Is Bishop Briggs Gay?

A recipient of Scottish ancestry, McLaughlin is a British-American singer who has been a resident in several cities including Tokyo, Hong Kong and Los Angeles. Her hometown, Bishopbrigggs has served as an inspiration for her stage name. Her first album, Church of Scars, took the music world by surprise. Ever since Briggs has been releasing several singles and albums that charted high on many prestigious lists. The River’s singer is notorious for her contribution to the indie pop and electropop genre, earning her a solid reputation and loyal fanbase.

The rumours regarding Bishop Briggs being gay are just that, false rumours. She is married to the lead singer of Sir Sly, Landon Jacobs and shares a son with him. These rumours stem from the year Briggs’ life altered forever and she decided to shave off her hair and transform her music taste. 2018 has been certainly a year of transformation for Sarah.

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Why Did Bishop Briggs Shave Off Her Hair?

Is Bishop Briggs Gay?

In 2018, Briggs’ older sister, Kate McLaughlin was diagnosed with ovarian cancer. Sarah was extremely affected due to her sister’s illness and decided to shave off her hair in order to support Kate. A couple of years later, Kate passed away due to cancer. That turned out to be a major source of her grief and sudden personality change. Ever since her death, Briggs has incorporated the themes of loss and death in her music. She released many songs to pay tribute to Kate and even went as far as curating an album entitled “When Everything Went Dark”. The singles in this album, “Baggage” and “High Water” are scheduled to release in June 2023.

It took Briggs quite a while to step out of her grief and focus wholly on her songs–which were evidently being influenced by Kate’s death. In May 2023, Bishop won the infamous The Masked Singer Season 9 and became the first British singer to win the title. Be it title tracks of series, solo singles or compilations, Bishop has it all under her name.

Where Is Bishop Briggs Now?

Born in London, raised in Tokyo and graduated from Hong Kong, Bishop has been a resident of many states. Since many of her fans assume her to be an avid traveller, her current whereabouts are always a hot topic. So far, Bishop is known to be residing in Los Angeles. Ever since 2015, Sarah has been wholly dedicated to her career and releasing as many songs as she could.

2023 is no different, Bishops is planning to write, sing and release many more singles and albums. Two of them, “Baggage” and “Superhuman” are scheduled to release in June 2023. Though “Superhuman” was already released in late 2022 and has been dedicated to her son, it is set to become a part of her album, “When Everything Went Dark”. The details of her other upcoming songs are yet to be known.

Is Bishop Briggs Gay: FAQs

1. Who Is Bishop Briggs?

She is a British-American singer, songwriter and artist. Briggs is popularly known for her singles “Never Tear Us Apart” and “Lessons of the Fire”.

2. What Is Bishop Briggs’ Real Name?

Her real name is Sarah Grace McLaughlin.

3. Is Bishop Briggs Gay?

The rumours regarding Bishop Briggs being gay are false.

4. Is Bishop Briggs Married?

Yes, Bishop is married to Landon Jacobs who is the lead vocalist of his self-established, highly popular band, Sir Sly.

5. Why Did Bishop Briggs Shave Off Her Hair?

She cut off her hair to pay tribute to her older sister, Kate McLaughlin who died of ovarian cancer.

6. Where Is Bishop Briggs Now?

She is in Los Angeles, working as a singer and songwriter.

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