Is 6ix9ine Gay? 8 Facts You Did Not Know About The Rapper!

The American hip-hop rapper, 6ix9ine (Six Nine), popularly known for his singles Gooba and Trollz, is a man of many layers. He has been notoriously well-recognized in the industry due to his punky hairstyle and vibrant personality–and yes, the heated controversies, too. 6ix9ine has been on the receiving side of public whiplashes ever since he began his career in 2014. However, 6ix9ine rose to stardom after the release of his album Gummo which, despite not being well-received by the critics earned him a solid reputation. Due to Gummo 2017 became 6ix9ine’s golden year in which he didn’t only become a well-recognized rapper but also helped him weave through feuds.

As much as his rainbow-coloured hair and affinity towards vibrancy hints at 6ix9ine being a people person, that’s not the case. You do not know multiple things about the Dummy Boy rapper, including whether he is gay or not. Here, I list 8 facts you don’t know about 6ix9ine that you should know if you are his fan!

8. 6ix9ine’s Real Name Is Daniel Hernandez

Recognized by his on-stage persona and nickname, 6ix9ine, the Keke singer’s real name is Daniel Hernandez. Born on May 8, 1996, 6ix9ine began his career in 2014 with his first rap song 69 not being received warmly. It didn’t deter Hernandez though. He continued releasing new rap songs and started collaborating with other singers to establish himself in the competitive music industry. Hernandez then began publishing music videos and used the characters from the Tekashi anime as a reference. 

This earned him the nickname Tekashi but Hernandez altered it to Tekashi69 which later became 6ix9ine and his real name got lost somewhere in the glamour of the industry. Now, Daniel is popularly known as the vibrant and aggressive rapper, Tekashi69 or 6ix9ine.

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7. 6ix9ine Is Not Gay And Has Two Daughters

One of the main questions you were bearing, isn’t it? 6ix9ine is not gay and all those rumours that have flourished due to his hair colour and dressing sense are baseless. 6ix9ine has been spotted dating three women officially out of which he shares two daughters with the two of them. 6ix9ine’s girlfriend, Sara Morolina gave birth to a daughter in October 2015 when he was merely 18 and struggling financially.

They broke up in 2018 and seem to share the responsibility of their daughter together. 6ix9ine shares another daughter with Marlayna who was born in November 2018–the year 6ix9ine won’t ever be able to forget. 6ix9ine was also dating Rachel Watley by the end of 2018 but the current status of their relationship is not disclosed to the public yet.

6. 6ix9ine Has Been Diagnosed With Depression And Post Traumatic Stress Disorder

Hernandez hasn’t had it easy in life, everything he now owns is all due to his efforts. He is born to a labour and house manager, who couldn’t give him a stable life. As a result, 6ix9ine had to drop out of school and pick on odd jobs to sustain his family. Originally, Hernandez hails from Mexico and can speak Spanish fluently. His mother migrated to the United States with his brother, Oscar, in search of a better life and kept him away from his father for almost 10 years. Since his father was an addict, his mother decided to keep him away from a life of misery and addiction.

She remarried a while later but Daniel’s step-father was shot and died soon. Since he witnessed the death of his step-father right before his eyes, Hernandez’s mental health kept deteriorating and he was diagnosed with PTSD and depression. A while later, he was employed as a therapist and 6ix9ine was able to compete against his demons and emerged stronger.

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5. 6ix9ine Is A Devoted Christian

Daniel and his brother, Oscar, haven’t had a chance to live a truly normal life due to the circumstances surrounding them. After the death of his stepfather, Hernandez was left in a church for almost all of his youth. Being in the holy place helped him weave his way out of the negativity and struggle surrounding him. In an interview, Hernandez accepted that he is a devoted Christian and he is a firm believer in the power of praying.

Not only Hernandez has been following the sayings of the Bible throughout his life–as he claims–he has also been trying to become a better person. Especially after he kept spiralling down since 2015. 

4. 6ix9ine Is Accused Of Assault

Daniel doesn’t only fear God and calls himself a devoted Christain, he raises conflicts with his actions, words and ideology. The year 2015 proved to be a dark year for 6ix9ine when he was accused of child assault. He was arrested due to involving a minor in an explicit music video. Even though Hernandez claims that he had nothing to do with the girl, he pleaded guilty in court, flipping on his own words.

Hernandez was also found choking a minor in a mall and the mother of his first daughter, Sara Molina, has listed the same accusations, too. In 2018, Sara claimed that she has been tortured and brutally beaten by Daniel for 7 years, sometimes even in front of their daughter. Hernandez’s violent nature and dominance pulled them apart along with Sara’s lawsuit against him. Domestic violence joined the list of Hernandez’s crimes alongside assault–and he did not stop there.

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3. 6ix9ine Successfully Avoided A 47 Year-Long Prison Sentence

Due to his explicit video and child assault lawsuit, Hernandez had to serve 4 years in probation starting in October 2018. November did not come easy for him either since Hernandez was accused of yet another crime. He was arrested for being a part of the Nine Trey Gangsters, planning a murder, robbery and many more charges were imposed on him. Hernandez’s world flipped on its axis due to this trial since he was sentenced to 47 years of jail time.

Hernandez and his team did everything they could to avoid the sentence including bail but their efforts proved futile. It was due to 6ix9ine’s long criminal history that included robbery, assault, domestic violence, drug selling and now being a part of a violent gang. A few months later, Hernandez and his lawyers decided to switch tracks and try a different method to get him out as unscathed as possible. Daniel joined hands with the government and decided to become a witness and testify against his fellow gang members. He helped the government track down the gang members and in turn, his sentence was reduced to 2 years instead of the initial 47 years.

2. 6ix9ine Has Asthma And That Is Not An Obstacle

The aggression and loud notes in his voice won’t give him away but Daniel possesses asthma from a young age. While serving his two-year-long sentence, his disease came in handy and helped him get out of prison. In 2020, when we were all fighting against the deadly Covid-19 virus, Hernandez pleaded to the court to assign him home confinement due to high health risks. He was granted permission and 6ix9ine served the remaining 13 months of his sentence in his home.

After completing his sentence in August 2020, Hernandez reprised his role back in the music industry. That is not to say he was inactive during his trial. 6ix9ine released a single entitled Gooba in May 2020 which charted at number 3 on the Billboard Hot 100. Ever since Tekashi69 has been striving and working hard on his career.

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1. 6ix9ine Is Now A Goalkeeper Too

Daniel has always been athletic and enjoys playing sports since childhood. When he was 13, Hernandez was bestowed an opportunity to play baseball and soccer. However, his mother denied him and Hernandez almost stopped dreaming of a career since then. After his prison release, 6ix9ine has been actively pursuing this dream.

In late 2022, 6ix9ine played for the Russian media football team, GOATS as a goalkeeper. When asked about his future plans regarding the game, 6ix9ine hasn’t been overly forthcoming. The American rapper, singer, songwriter and goalkeeper, 6ix9ine is continuing to walk towards his goal–and stirring controversies with fellow singers on his way. It is no surprise that 6ix9ine has been caught in feuds with several celebrities including Trippie Redd, Justin Bieber, Meek Mill and more.

Is 6ix9ine Gay: FAQs

1. Who Is 6ix9ine?

He is an American singer, rapper and songwriter popularly known for his singles Keke, Gummo and Kooda. His labels. Gine, Create and 10K Projects are also quite popular.

2. What Is 6ix9ine’s Real Name?

His real name is Daniel Hernandez but he prefers 6ix9ine or Tekashi69 as his on-stage name.

3. Is 6ix9ine Gay?

No, he is not gay.

4. Does 6ix9ine Have Asthma?

Yes, Daniel has had asthma from a young age.

5. Why Was 6ix9ine Arrested?

He has been arrested due to several reasons including racketeering, assault, domestic violence, robbery and being an active member of the Nine Trey Gangsters. 6ix9ine has served 2 years of prison and a probation time of 4 years.

6. Where Is 6ix9ine Now?

He is in America, working as a singer, rapper and songwriter.

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