Where Is Jigna Vora Now? Why Was She Arrested? 

Featuring prominent Indian actors like Karishma Tanna and Prosenjit Chatterjee, Scoop is now available to stream on Netflix. Directed and created by Hansal Mehta, we surely don’t have any words for this masterpiece. It is by far the most popular Indian courtroom drama we have seen on Netflix and we just can’t stop gossiping about it. Karishma Tanna deserves a round of applause for giving such a brilliant performance in this series! One could barely not be a fan of this story! The thriller drama, Scoop tries to point out the major loopholes existing within our justice system. We all know it’s a true crime story and thus, the audience now wants to learn more about Jigna Vora and her sound career which was completely destroyed due to a false police accusation! So on popular demand, here are some interesting facts about Scoop. 

Where Is Jigna Vora Now?

Where Is Jigna Vora Now? Why Was She Arrested? 

Jigna Vora was a mere crime reporter who was arrested back on 25th November 2011. Under MCOCA, she was charged with murdering a prominent journalist named Jyotirmoy Dey. Originally all the charges against her were false yet the media houses labeled her as the main culprit. She still doesn’t know what her actual crime was. Today, the world is reminded about her story, it’s time to hear the story from her mouth. She was remanded from 25th November 2011 to 27th July 2012, and these nine months were the most difficult days of her whole life. She still gets horrifying nightmares of all the things she and her whole family has gone through. It was indeed the most tragic incident of her life. 

She was a mere reporter who had worked previously for four famous news networks. All she ever wanted was to be one of the renowned journalists in India! Yes, she was highly ambitious to chase success but is this even a crime to be punished for? Crime reporters are meant to have sources from the underworld but don’t the police have the same? One tries to catch the culprit while the other struggles hard to create a story around the same. 

Jigna Vora is best known for her biographical memoir Behind Bars in Byculla: My Days in Prison. This book is also the main source material behind the creation of Scoop! It is indeed very saddening that Jigna is no longer a crime reporter. That particular incident changed and destroyed her life forever. For the last five years, she has been studying astrology and has decided to stick with her career this time. Currently, she is seen as an astrologer and tarot card reader. 

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Was Chhota Rajan Arrested By Mumbai Police? Where Is The Mafia Now?

Where Is Jigna Vora Now? Why Was She Arrested? 

Rajendra Sadashiv Nikalje, infamously known as Chhota Rajan is again back in the news! The very talented and renowned crime reporter Jyotirmoy Dey was killed back in 2011 but this particular gangster was caught only a few years ago. Records say he was arrested back on 2nd May 2018! After a prolonged period of 7 years, finally, Jigna Vora was found not guilty. His arrest was a major incident for Mumbai Police. Currently, under the legal laws of MCOCA, he has been sentenced to prison for a lifetime. As per the charges filed against him, this underworld mafia has killed a total of 70 people. Well, that’s what the record says, the number can be even larger than this. 

Inner sources confirmed that Rajan is currently in Tihar jail! Interestingly enough, the gangster didn’t fail to deliver his reaction on Scoop. It seems like the underworld don is trying to press a few charges against the newly launched Netflix series. Surprisingly enough for this very purpose, he has knocked on the door of the High Court as well! According to his views, the courtroom drama series is portraying the wrong side of his personality. He is trying to charge them for defamation! Moreover, his consent was not at all taken and as per his statements, they cannot use his personality to gain fame. That’s all for now, but you better not skip this drama series, it’s hands down one of the finest Indian shows out there. The courtroom thriller, Scoop surely deserves all your attention. 

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