Veibae Face Reveal: Revealed Her Real Face To Us! Her Online Video Is Viral On Twitter! 

It seems like Veibae is no longer a part of VShojo! The very talented content creator who is quite famous on YouTube and Twitch is ready to build a new image for herself. Initially, her fans were extremely excited to see her independent journey as a creator. But it seems like the tables have turned now, the audience is super angry at Veibae’s indie debut stream! Shockingly enough, her fans are bombarding her social media account with really mean comments! You must be wondering, why is this beautiful young girl going through such rude comments? Well, let us help you in that case. But before we dive into the latest gossip surrounding her, there is another major piece of news that has caught our attention recently! A few sources confirmed that Veibae has finally come out of her mask. But the main question is, whether the rumors are true or not. 

Veibae Face Reveal

Veibae Revealed Her Real Face To Us! Her Online Video Is Viral On Twitter! 

Your favorite streamer from the Twitch platform has finally decided to reveal her real face to us! Her beautiful face was captured in a video that has gone viral on Twitter. The video surely got a lot of likes out there. This directly speaks about her incredible popularity among the crowd. With or without VShojo, Veibae’s charm surely doesn’t depend on any company’s goodwill. She is mostly famous for her game streams! Whether it’s “Fortnite Battle Royale” or “Minecraft”, she has never failed to impress us with her dynamic gaming skills. 

She is undoubtedly among the finest streamers from the UK. For years, her fans have been wondering how she looks off-camera! And finally, she listened to all her fans and decided to showcase her cute face to us. But we cannot overlook the fact that there was only one time when she decided to post a video of herself! It might be a publicity stunt as well. The rumor was never confirmed from her side. But again, we cannot overlook the fact that she was the one who posted it! 

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Veibae Is Facing Heavy Backlash! 

Yes, the rumors are true and accurate, it seems like Veibae is on the edge of losing her popularity and fanbase. We all know she is incredibly famous for her streaming videos! Her unique streams are mostly centered around fashion, dance, music, and games! But recently in one of her videos, her harsh words truly affected some of her fans. To be particular, this happened during her indie debut stream.

If you have followed the stream till the end, then you must have noticed her last message! She used a slur in her video which has disappointed her viewers! This explains why the audience has become so angry at her. Ever since that particular video went live, her viewership has dropped. Some have tried to correct her, while others have bombarded her with angry comments and highly judgemental opinions. 

Did Veibae Truly Insult Her Fanbase? 

Veibae Revealed Her Real Face To Us! Her Online Video Is Viral On Twitter! 

The famous streamer who mostly uses unique anime characters to hide her face from the whole world has recently gained a bunch of haters out there. To some extent, the allegations aren’t wrong! She did disappoint many of her fans. She tried to be sarcastic but it badly fired back at her. Veibae called her fans “retards”, which was wrong and unnecessary. In her very last statement, we could hear her say the word “retards”, and this clears up all the rumors out there. Veibae literally made fun of people with disabilities! The audience wouldn’t take this lightly, after all, in no way she has the right to insult others! 

Did Veibae Answer Back To The Twitter Comments? 

If you think she is someone who didn’t dare to own up to something which she did, then you are absolutely wrong! She indeed replied to all the haters out there. It was quite a big move from her side. According to the statement delivered by her, she doesn’t feel a bit apologetic for whatever she has previously said online. It seems like she is not at all answerable to anyone out there. Moreover, she also claimed that her streams were not meant to be safe! That’s all for now, to learn more about popular Youtubers and Vtubers, stay connected with us, just right here. 

Veibae Revealed Her Real Face To Us! – FAQs

1. Is Veibae mean to her fans?

Some sources claimed that Veibae can sometimes be extremely mean to her fans.

2. Did Veibae replied to all the hate comments?

Yes, Veibae did reply to all the hate comments out there.

3. Has Veibae’s popularity dipped down?

Yes, Veibae’s popularity is slowly dipping down.

4. Is Veibae still a part of VShojo?

No, Veibae is no longer a part of VShojo.

5. Has Veibae become an independent streamer?

Yes, Veibae has become an independent streamer.

6. Did Veibae showcase her original face to us?

It hasn’t been confirmed yet, but in a viral video, people assumed that Veibae has showcased her original face!

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