Is Yasin Cengiz Alive? The News Of The Turkish TikTokker Passing Away Staggers Fans!

Social media could be a strange place, it could help you amass millions of fans and declare you dead in no time. The popular Turkish TikTokker, Yasin Cengiz, has witnessed both scenarios. His belly dancing videos have made him one of the most well-recognized names on TikTokker. His boisterous personality and friendliness have earned him millions of followers. Yasin has now become a well-sought-after content creator and influencer. That’s not all that social media has done for him though.

You must remember the streak of earthquakes that shook Turkey–and the world–a few months ago. In these earthquakes, Turkey lost millions of residents and witnessed mass destruction. In this timeframe, news spread on the Internet and social media that Yasin Cengiz passed away, leaving his fans reeling. Is it a rumour or a fact though? Here is your chance to find out more about your favourite TikTok star!

Is Yasin Cengiz Alive?

Notorious for his belly dancing skills, Yasin Cengiz began his journey on TikTok in early 2021. It wasn’t a full-time job or anything serious in the beginning, just another man following the trends and enjoying filming himself. Cengiz’s dancing videos quickly started to gain popularity and he earned a nickname for himself–Tummy Dancer–and millions of followers. He became a social media influencer, content creator and earned several such badges.

One more badge that he earned through social media is the stamp of a dead person. And this is a badge he quickly shook off. In February 2023, some TikTokker claimed that Yasin Cengiz passed away wishing him to rest in peace. Quickly, this news spread like wildfire and soon everyone on TikTok and the Internet was talking about Yasin’s sudden death.

Some chalked Yasin’s death to his obesity, others claimed it was a heart attack. Most of these rumours broke the Internet but one that claimed Yasin to be affected by the earthquakes flourished the most. Did Yasin die in the earthquake? The answer is no, Yasin did not die in an earthquake.

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Is Yasin Cengiz Affected By The Deadly Earthquakes?

Is Yasin Cengiz Alive

Well, most of the country is affected by the deadly earthquakes. Yasin is, too. He is impacted by the earthquakes as much as every Turkish citizen is. Physically though, Yasin is not affected by the earthquakes. He is alive, kicking and dancing. Still working as a content creator and TikTok star, Yasin is still attracting millions of followers. Some might even say, Cengiz’s popularity bloomed after his death rumours went viral over the Internet. And they wouldn’t be wrong, would they?

There are several social media celebrities who have benefitted from their alleged death rumours. Some have even gone as far as orchestrating these rumours so that they could gain notoriety. So far, nothing points towards Yasin being involved with the rumours. It was just a fan–or maybe somebody who was bored enough to do something like this–who declared Yasin dead even if he is still alive. A few days after the rumours went viral, Cengiz posted a video of himself dancing with yet another stranger that proved the rumours false.

Where Is Yasin Cengiz Now?

Yasin is a Turkish TikTokker but he mostly films videos in Dubai. He is an avid traveller caught enjoying picturesque locations and engaging with anyone and everyone he can as he travels. His signature move combined with his trademark song Shtibidid Dom Dom Yes Yes by Biser King has made him one of the most popular and influential TikTokker out there. There are hundreds of videos of him dancing to this tune with popular influencers and singers that have almost reached billions of views and likes.

Now, Yasin Cengiz is still doing what he does best–entertaining people and collaborating with other influencers and strangers for his dance videos. Some claim that he is in Turkey while others claim that he is in Dubai. Yasin’s current residence is yet to be confirmed by him.

Is Yasin Cengiz Alive: FAQs

1. Who Is Yasin Cengiz?

Yasin is a Turkish TikTokker, content curator, social media influencer and entrepreneur. He is known as Tummy Dancer and is popular for his dancing videos.

2. How Old Is Yasin Cengiz?

Though his exact age is yet not revealed, it is speculated that Yasin is in his early thirties as of 2023.

4. Is Yasin Cengiz Alive?

Yes, Yasin is alive, healthy and kicking!

4. What Happened To Yasin Cengiz?

Nothing happened to him aside from the rumours that claim that he passes away but he didn’t.

5. Is Yasin Cengiz Injured?

No, Cengiz isn’t injured.

6. Where Is Yasin Cengiz Now?

Though his current whereabouts are yet to be known, it is assumed that Yasin is in Dubai.

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