Blood And Gold Ending Explained And Review!

The recent Netflix release has covered the aftermaths of World War 2, or as we can say that the war didn’t end, but enemies surely did at some point. Germans who lost the war finally after a long time of persuasion from all the great powers of the world were not only pushed back by the enemies outside but also some enemies inside, and this is the story of such enemies only and how they are born. Blood and Gold are the unsung story of a soldier who ended up losing his daughter in the chaos of war, and somewhere his act of abandoning the army for his daughter, has turned all the German forces against him. Following that we have got a small village girl who has to save his young brother from the hands of the Germans because he is actually specially-abled and all such people end up being sent to concentration camps, it has been a really dangerous chase for them.

Now war is something that really changed people be they soldiers, or be it civilians, it affects everyone’s perspective and one thing that surely changes is the meaning of economic resources, and the intensity with which people can want them. Thus, in this movie, we get to end up the chase of some sort Jews’ gold bars, which the village has hidden or maybe the Jews have taken away, but the final outcome remains the same, that regarding the Nazi needed it and searching for it in the entire village. Based on the reviews and everything we can actually confirm that the movie has done extremely well among the audience and the critics. Following this, the ratings of the show also stand quite well. Though something that has been really talked about is how the movie ended and the last few scenes of the movie. Yes, we do understand that it was confusing but don’t worry we are going to explain it all.

Blood And Gold Ending Explained

Blood And Gold Ending Explained And Review!

Now as we move towards the end of Blood and Gold, we need to remember some of the key factors, Elsa is devasted as Paule has been shot dead while they were having a confrontation with the nazi soldiers, and since then he has been in the care of the deformed face sergeant commander, who finds his lost Jewish love in Elsa and wants to marry her as soon as the Aryans win the war.

However, as we all know Elsa, has got one motive and that is to take revenge for Paule and he starts pretending with the sergeant, while Heinrich has taken shelter in the house of the preacher and his wife, who has been on the side of Elsa, Heinrich as well as the Jews and against the entire village when the sins were committed. The preacher then slowly told Heinrich about the entire story that took place and how the gold was stolen by Robert and his wicked partners, however, it was actually the preacher who ended up sneaking the gold into the church so that he could keep it away from everyone till the end.

Now the story moves forward with the scheming that Elsa hatches using the cyanide cell that she finds in the sergeant’s ring and pretending to kiss him, she ends up killing him. Following this, we also see that Heinrich has ended up trying to negotiate with the SS troops but they ended up bombing and capturing him when they came to know that the girl has escaped and their senior is dead. Dorfler has always been the character we all have hated, and now he is in charge, he forces Heinrich to tell him the whereabouts of the gold, and when he is taken into there to check whether it is actually true.

Elsa finally returns with the preacher’s wife and some guns in their hands, and after blasting the entire place and trying to save Heinrich, they end up killing all the ss troops while we also end up losing the preacher in the battle.

The ending scene, marks some conclusions we first get to see that the Germans have lost and the Americans came in, the gold bars were taken away by them, be it in the hands of ss troops or the regular Aryan civilian. Heinrich ends up meeting with his daughter whom he has been looking for years and finally, everyone can return back to the life which they hoped for and the bloodshed gets to an end.

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Blood And Gold Review

Based on the movie line that this movie has made to, it has got some big name also before it made it to us, following that as we have already mentioned the audience response as well as the critic response of this movie has been quite great and there have been a lot of people getting curious about the movie. We get to see the old-World War 2 settings very precisely made by the directors of the movie, and every scene that has been shown has got a raw and realistic outlook which changes the entire perception of the audience towards the story that slowly unfolds.

Now following this, if we are coming towards the storyline, it was actually beautiful the revenge of Elsa and the determination of Heinrich, followed by German being the only enemy of Germans, everything sits rights into the storyline and makes it one of the best historical movies series available out there right now. The cast and the makers have truly outdone themselves.

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