Victim/Suspect Movie Review: Are Those Rape Victims Blatantly Lying About Their Sexual Assault? 

The question is, whom will you believe if not the legal system? It’s not just a mere documentary of 1 hour 35 minutes, but a shocking eye-opener for all the citizens of the United States! Kudos to Rachel De Leon who was brave enough to dig deep into these many cases. You will be highly dismayed to know how many victims have been turned into a suspect! It was indeed a much-awaited documentary film of all time and finally, it’s here on Netflix

There is no doubt in the saying that Victim/Suspect is a must-watch for you all! But what’s worth noticing is, the biased and corrupt justice system prevailing in Western countries, especially the United States! What is the actual message the system is trying to send out there? Where will the victims go, if not the police station? Well, the documentary is now available to watch on Netflix, and here is everything we observed from Victim/Suspect! 

Victim/Suspect Movie Review

Victim/Suspect Review - Is The Justice System Truly Corrupt Or Are Those Rape Victims Blatantly Lying About Their Sexual Assault? 

Within four years, Rachel De Leon, a mere reporter from The Centre of Investigative Reporting decided to hunt through a total of 200 rape cases, where the victims were traumatized by the investigation procedures! Who could have ever thought that the investigation officers actually made up stories, to sum up the interrogative process? Thanks to Reporter Rachel, who had the balls to run over Emma Mannion’s rape case! That’s how she decided what she wanted to work on! It all starts with Nikki Yovino, a teenager who reported a rape case! She was raped by two men in a washroom and yet today she stands behind the bar for falsely reporting a rape case! This was back in 2017 when everyone in the country was curious to know all about the Me Too movement! 

This was the very first rape case that Rachel came through where the victim was changed into a suspect! Nikki leads Rachel forward to New Hampshire, and there she discovers all about Emma Mannion! Then came Megan Rondini’s case, then Dyanie’s sexual assault! And, finally a record of 160 more cases where justice was never given to the victims. As the investigative reporter tries to connect all the similarities in these many cases, she pinpoints how the police department has been able to walk off with lies and false cases! 

What’s even more shocking was the investigation procedures that the cops decided to follow! In most of the cases, the investigation was not done properly! The victims were mostly pressurized and questioned to a point where one would easily agree with another’s point of view! Again, the main culprits were never brought into the radar! Some victims were even arrested within 24 hours of reporting their rape cases! The documentary has truly bombarded us with deep information on a bunch of rape cases where the victims were literally bullied by the police department! Taking it all in, Victim/Suspect surely deserves a solid 8.5 from us. 

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Victim/Suspect Ending Explained – Only 5 Out Of 100 Rapes Cases Are Actually Solved!

Victim/Suspect Review - Is The Justice System Truly Corrupt Or Are Those Rape Victims Blatantly Lying About Their Sexual Assault? 

A bunch of people worked hard to pull in the evidence required to turn around the rulings of Dyanie’s rape case. But ultimately, a major share of the victory wouldn’t have been possible without attorney Melissa or Detective Carl Hershman! Another major help for Dyanie was Dr. Lisa Avalos! All these people invested day and night to help her out! One day she was the one who was raped, and the next day she woke up she has been charged for falsely reporting a rape case! Another major thing that shocked us to the core was the way the police departments were flashing up articles against those victims! 

This not only traumatized them even more but also made sure that those victim’s never get a chance to lead a good life ahead. The police posted wrong information based on some half-done investigation. And then the news media publishes the same to gain the attention of the crowd! The documentary ends with some of the harsh truths about the justice system. It did try to pinpoint some of the rotten practices followed by the investigation officers! What’s worth thinking is, how so many of the victims will never get justice at all! Rachel De Leon surely did an excellent job here! None of the truth would have ever come out if she wouldn’t have started working on these many cases.  

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