Mother’s Day Review And Ending Explained – Special Agent Nina Nowak Is Still Alive!

You might assume she is dead, but she is not! Once again, a major chapter unfolds in Nina’s life! This time she will do everything possible to protect her son. Yes, you heard it right, the much-awaited reunion we have been waiting for is finally happening! After years, Max is going to meet her real mother! Not only you all, but we as well have been waiting for this particular moment. But hey there, the problems aren’t over yet! 

They think she is dead, and thus her son becomes their ultimate target! From being kidnapped by Volto to getting rescued by our special agent Nina, Max is ready to discover a lot about his real parents. But the story doesn’t end here, a new mission awaits for Nina! We just completed bingeing Mother’s Day and here is everything we gathered from the famous Polish thriller. 

Mother’s Day Review – Special Agent Nina Nowak Is Still Alive!

Mother's Day Review - Special Agent Nina Nowak Is Still Alive!

Once again the stage has opened up for the very brave and courageous Nina Nowak! It’s been quite a few years now that the world has not seen her in action! But our long-time wait comes to an end, the secret ex-NATO Special Operations agent is finally back for some jam-packed action scenes! This time she is not fighting for the country but for her son. Duśan Dragan is ready to take his revenge on Nina Nowak. They killed his father and now it’s his turn to kill Max! 

Dzień Matki is finally available to stream on Netflix! There is no doubt in the saying that Nina has been always portrayed as a strong and brave character, but this time we will also get a chance to explore her soft side. That motherly nature will give a new side to her whole character! The way she rescued her son from Volto’s capture was truly commendable! We also cannot forget the fact that she has cleared up three dangerous criminals from the town. Volto, Baton, and Titus, all have been finally wiped off by Nina!

Moreover, not only his son, but the criminal gangster groups will also get to know that Nina is alive! Now the story can head in any direction! Thankfully, Madam Diplomat’s son was kind enough to leave them alive! But the stress is not over yet, especially not until Nina can make sure that things have fallen in place! Moreover, Max too has many questions in mind. He surely would like to know everything about his biological parents and their past workings. Considering everything, the thriller drama movie, Mother’s Day surely deserves a 7 from us. 

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Mother’s Day Ending Explained – Nina Nowak Finally Reunites With His Long-Lost Son!

Mother's Day Review - Special Agent Nina Nowak Is Still Alive!

It seems like you would truly do anything for your family. The same saying goes for Nina and the cop! On one hand, she was trying to save her son while on the other hand, he wanted those pounds of money for her daughter, Zosia. It all comes down to the point when Zosia decides to abandon her father. By the end of the movie, it becomes quite clear that she preferred a lavish life, and thus the cop wanted to own all the money which Volto had! But given the fact that Nina is a fighter, she fought till her last breath and changed the whole game! 

Fortunately enough, she successfully brought all the money to Madam Diplomat! And thus, with her son’s approval, she decided to release Max and Nina. In the end as well, once again the cop tried to harm both of them, but failed to beat Nina Nowak! Finally, Max was reunited with the family who has raised him all these years. But now that he knows everything about his real mother, he is keen to learn more! The movie ends with a major cliffhanger. 

After all, how can we forget about the time when Nina’s mother knocked at her door? It seems like some serious missions and more crazy adventurous experiences are waiting for Nina and Max! Her mother clearly told her that the gangster world is now aware of her existence. It seems like she has got herself in a bad position again. But the light bright smile on her face says it all! Nina Nowak is finally ready to come back in business! 

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