Is The Enthralling Netflix Documentary Victim/Suspect Based On True Stories? 

This is a true documentary film that will not only make you question the legal system but also tell you how a victim is often charged with false accusations. This documentary surely deserves your full attention! Victim/Suspect is finally streaming on Netflix and we just can’t stop talking about it! Centered around Reporter Rachel’s lengthy investigation, this is not just her report of 4 years but also a major shock for the people residing in the United States! Let’s be honest, most of us know how the justice system works! 

But the main question is, how can someone let the culprit walk away? How can they guarantee that the crime will not be repeated? How can they guarantee that the women in the country are safe? These questions need to be answered! What’s even more shocking is the corrupt officers who corner the story of the victims and turn them into suspects! This story needed to be told and thus comes Rachel De Leon’s deep investigation report! 

Is Victim/Suspect Based On True Story? 

Is The Enthralling Netflix Documentary Victim/Suspect Based On True Stories? 

Yes, all of the things we witnessed in the film are indeed line-by-line true! If you have followed Rachel De Leon’s radio show, then you already know by now what we are talking about! With the radio show, Reveal, she started unveiling the true face of the legal system and that’s how she got connected with director Nancy! It is indeed a huge success for her as well. The whole world finally gets a chance to witness her broad investigation report! Starting from Nikki being charged for misleading the cops to Dyanie’s rape mystery, it’s all present in the records! It truly bothers us that some officers just take their job for granted and get away with lies! 

One could barely imagine how devastated a rape victim can ever be! On top of it all, when she knocks the door of justice, in return she gets bullied by the police officers! Among all the reported rape cases, Megan Rondini’s case truly gave us goosebumps! Just because the main culprit in her case belonged to a wealthy family, she couldn’t do anything to hold TJ Bunn responsible for the crime he had committed. The police were heavily biased in her case! She was raped and then she was charged for stealing money and car keys! Sadly, she had zero options left, her trauma eventually took her life! 

Again, Emma Mannion was also tortured by the investigation officers! She got so scared that at last, she accepted everything the cops accused her of. She was even jailed for one year for falsely reporting a rape case. But then comes out the truth, when Rachel drives her to the place where she was raped! Who could have thought that the police were lying from the beginning? There was literally no footage of her rape! In reality, there were zero cameras present in the place where she was raped. These are just a few of the true stories which we saw in the documentary! 

Sadly, most rape victims are heard only when they carry some drastic scars on their bodies! This is where the legal system fails us! No wonder why most of the women hesitate to walk into the police station. On one hand, they don’t have the money to afford intelligent attorneys to fight their rape cases. While on the other hand, even if they find the courage to report their rape, the investigation procedures are not easy to handle! Rachel De Leon’s heavy investigation report truly stands with the view that we need better officers in the system. After all, this is the only way absolute justice can be guaranteed to the citizens of the country! 

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Victim/Suspect – Was Justice Delivered To Dyanie Bermeo? 

Is The Enthralling Netflix Documentary Victim/Suspect Based On True Stories? 

Another interesting case that caught our attention was the rape mystery of Dyanie Bermeo. She reported a file against a stranger who raped her on a street! Unfortunately, she wasn’t able to see who the person was but was pretty confident about saying that he was among the police officers. Unlike other cases, justice was delivered later to her. 

The first time she reported the rape case, the police completely manipulated her into their statements and thus she was forced to take back her rape file! The next time she was called in by the cops, she was sentenced to one year for falsely reporting a rape case. The third time with the help of attorney Melissa she was able to obtain partial justice! She was fortunate enough to get in some trustworthy detectives and attorneys who did everything possible to turn around the rulings of her case. 

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